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How to care for sterling silver earrings

How to care for sterling silver earrings is a key consideration for any jewellery buyer who purchases the line from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. Sterling silver, despite being a precious metal will tarnish over time, hence the reason why it is imperative to know and understand in advance how best to care for your Destino Jewellery sterling silver earrings collection.


How to store sterling silver earrings

Regular wear of sterling silver earrings will in fact prevent this precious metal from tarnishing thanks to the exposure of the sterling silver jewellery’s metal alloys to natural body oils. Storing each piece of jewellery separately in an air tight container or the original jewellery box that it was sold in is also highly recommended.


Techniques for preventing tarnishing of sterling silver earrings

The usage of silica packs when storing sterling silver earrings presents good practice for jewellery maintenance techniques as silica packs are known to absorb moisture. The absorption of moisture prevents corrosion and tarnishing .

Removing sterling silver earrings before spraying perfume, bathing or swimming is also highly recommended. Whilst soap and water may be used for at home cleaning, Latest Sale highly recommends an annual professional cleaning appointment be booked with a jewellery specialist for optimum results.