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Discover what’s great and what’s not so great about the luxury hospitality, travel, and leisure industry as we share what we uncover.
From business travellers and tourist bodies to luxury hotels and leisure establishments, we offer insights from within. Our hospitality, travel and leisure podcast episodes will air on Fridays. Tune in, listen and subscribe to Your Voice is Amplified by


Virtual Reality (VR) and Fitness Technology- the increasing adoption of VR technology in fitness applications, is driven by the desire for interactive and immersive workout experiences. We explore investor support in the final of our three part series.


This podcast episode will explore the potential shift towards personal trainers adopting coding skills, user preferences for live trainers, the effect on mental health due to the absence of interaction with live trainers, and trainer perspectives on the effectiveness of VR workouts for their clients.

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The Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector and the Creative industries have become the foundation for startups and global consumers with whom brand owners and public institutions strive to form new connections. Building connections that flourish is our specialty; we bring brand owners and institutions closer to their target market through enterprise networking on one single platform. Explore the path that leads to success every step of the way by fusing creativity with micro influencer programmes

Our podcast episodes bridge the gap between global consumers and corporate institutions. As the facilitator of business communications, the voice of the public finally has a productive place to breathe and influence change. We are the specialists that dig deep into the facts from both sides, creating a platform for open discussions and solutions that drive sales and user engagement to optimal levels. Promote consumer understanding and generate beneficial results for public engagement initiatives.



Plunge into the world of technology with our podcasts, where your voice gets amplified. We feature eight technology sectors, including MedTech, FinTech, Transportation, Tech Entertainment, Gaming, Digital Art, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Tech, and Venues for Work.






Keep up with the changing trends of the fashion world with our insightful podcasts. From the fashion capital of Paris and fashion epicentre of Milan to the evergreen styles of the USA and the UK, we provide all the latest updates on sustainability, macroeconomics and everlasting style.

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Local communities and micro influencers have the power to break through any initiative. These groups form opinions and influence how your brand or project is perceivedamongst the target markets that count.


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We provide deep-rooted facts on a knowledge based platform that prides itself in innovation. We ensure the creative sector thrives while supporting the hospitality, travel, and leisure industries.

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We keep consumers engaged, helping them uncover the truth behind brands. Adoption rates for initiatives and innovation vary, and we provide a platform that can be the deciding factor.

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Your voice is your power. Amplify your voice through us. We ensure everyone’s thoughts and opinions are heard so that brands and institutions understand your message and core concerns.

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We take a creative approach to client projects, we delve deep into the facts and help our clients by uncovering the thoughts of hard-to-reach consumers, opinion formers, and media personalities on their products, services or community engagement initiatives.

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We pride ourselves in being specialists dedicated to the creative industry and the luxury hospitality, travel and leisure sector. From creative outreach campaigns to in depth focus group studies, we are the specialists you can rely on for micro influencer marketing in the USA and the UK.

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