The Health Equalities Programme: COVID-19 SCIENCE Extended Dialogue took place between specialists in the field of MedTech to break down the barriers to vaccine uptake in the RBKC and to understand the thoughts and opinions of the Royal borough’s citizens. Many factors continue to promote vaccine hesitancy. Some of these factors include religious reasons, personal beliefs, safety concerns, and lack of information regarding vaccines, according to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy.


The Health Equalities Programme: COVID-19 SCIENCE focus group study was organised as a 1:1 face-to-face workshop with a resident of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to explore vaccine hesitancy. The questions raised over Covid-19 are an unsolved mystery with many concerns amongst resident prolific. We assess best practices for debunking Covid-19 myths during this podcast episode. Most RBKC residents were keen to take precautionary measures to tackle Covid-19 rather than opting for vaccines for children under 10 years’ old.


The Health Equalities Programme launches with the Your Voice is Amplified podcast series that covers “A World Without Antibiotics: The Race towards Vaccinations.” Are the rumours surrounding Covid-19 vaccines true? Who are the key funders of R&D, and what is their role in improving healthcare facilities in the post-pandemic era? We will also explore the impact of wearable technology on vaccine uptake and the role of investors, research centres and Universities such as the Royal borough’s Imperial College.

Futuristic Hospitals INVESTORS: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

Medical technology has come a long way in treating mental health issues. But what role do the investors play in all of this? This “Your Voice is Amplified” podcast episode summarizes how investors have impacted medical technology and how investment in this area can help treat prevailing depressive disorders on a global level. Significant investments to date in psilocybin trials include UK- based pharmaceutical firm Compass Pathways. Australia has already invested more than $3 million to study the effects of these trials.

Futuristic Hospitals TECHNOLOGY: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

The Futuristic Hospitals TECHNOLOGY: Medical Devices, Psilocybin topic returns with the Your Voice is Amplified podcast from This is our second technology podcast covering Hospitals of the Future as we explore the effects of Psilocybin used to treat depression. In this podcast episode we evaluate what effects medical devices have had on this trial from King’s College, London and the key trends driving the medical ecosystem forward.

Futuristic Hospitals SCIENCE: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

Futuristic Hospitals SCIENCE: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression. With the increasing rate of depression in the post-pandemic era, the need for effective treatments for mental illnesses has become more poignant. This first podcast episode featuring psilocybin drugs and medical technology devices will uncover insights into the science and its potential impact globally. The Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London conducted clinical trials to discover whether psilocybin drugs are as effective as leading anti-depressants.

Your Voice Is Amplified Technology Podcast Launch Trailer

Welcome to Your Voice is Amplified the podcast from that opens your mind to cutting edge developments in the creative sector and the hospitality, travel and leisure industry. If you’re involved in the world of technology, our podcasts will keep you informed about the industry drivers across eight technology sectors, including MedTech, Transportation, FinTech, Tech Entertainment, Gaming, Digital Art, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Tech and Venues for Work.