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Home / Latestsale.com Podcast Your Voice Is Amplified Supports Vaccine Awareness

Latestsale.com Podcast Your Voice Is Amplified Supports Vaccine Awareness

Latestsale.com Podcast Your Voice Is Amplified Supports Vaccine Awareness

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England- 30th August 2022. A World Without Antibiotics: The Race Towards Vaccinations. Latestsale.com has launched a series of podcast episodes as part of the Technology category Marketing push. The MedTech sub category highlights the latest trends for medical devices and vaccine development. Bringing into the limelight “Hospitals of the Future,” the science, the technology creators, and investors behind vaccine development are unveiled as a means to prevent the spread of misinformation.


As part of the Health Equalities Programme, sponsored by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in conjunction with the Portobello Business Centre, Latestsale.com launched a three-part podcast session where a long and insightful discussion took place with anonymous residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The goal was to understand the opinions of local communities regarding Covid-19 vaccine uptake, particularly the thoughts of mothers with children under the age of 10.


The underlying goal of Latestsale.com is to form a communication bridge between local communities, institutions and scientists and overcome the barriers that instill vaccine hesitancy among consumers. Micro influencers, media personalities, and opinion formers can play their part in debunking the myths surrounding vaccine uptake.


To ensure participants can be as open as possible, their identities are kept anonymous during the podcast episodes, Latestsale.com aims to bridge the gap by providing a platform where local communities and individuals with science-related backgrounds can interact and understand the difference of opinion and the root cause of misinformation with the help of public engagement.


By highlighting the past and future investments and technological developments in healthcare, the platform aims to help consumers understand the future of vaccinations and the field of MedTech as a whole. Latestsale.com is all about delving deep into the facts, thoughts, and opinions of the people.

For more details about the podcast episodes covering THE SCIENCE, THE TECHNOLOGY and THE INVESTORS, visit https://www.latestsale.com/podcasts


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