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The Latest Sale website is set for scheduled maintenance throughout February 2016. Why are we changing the site design? We are incorporating increased levels of Javascript onto the website that requires complex programming and we are also changing the overall design layout. Almost 80% of the new website page layouts are programmed using Javascript, and that is a lot of coding! We are also optimising PHP to improve overall levels of interactivity on the site. 

During the transfer of files, this may mean however that some parts of the site such as blogs, Cultural Events and the Fine Art section will not be updated on a daily basis due to the complexity of our new website design and the whole team's focus on the project. Our new design will give our customers a greatly enhanced user experience that we cannot wait to share with you all. Some links may not work during the transfer, however our Twitter account @LatestSale will have live updates on the team's Latest news, tips and gossip on a weekly basis. 



#EdTech Commerce is a term used by Latest Sale to describe our business ethos and principles; creating organic, innovative sales opportunities globally through the application of knowledge, technology and multilingual dialogue in the creative services and luxury hospitality sectors. Latest Sale is an organic tech company with the firm belief that technology in a world of Artificial Intelligence should be used responsibly to protect our environment and local workforces globally. Here are some examples of EdTech Commerce projects.

Latest Sale, Art Commissions, Hotel Indigo London Kensington Earl's Court, Intercontinental Hotels Group                      Latest Sale, Art Commissions, Intercontinental Hotels Group

"The Latest Sale Art Commissions strategy focused on collaboration, education, British heritage and local community engagement. Latest Sale   worked closely with the senior Management team at the award winning Hotel Indigo (The IHG Star Awards prize, the IHG Hotel Indigo of the year for Europe Award November 2014, nominated London Lifestyle Awards 2013 London Hotel of the Year) and key Intercontinental Hotels Group stakeholders, to produce an impactful branding vehicle and hotel guest engagement combined with artistic delights. First class themed event management was attended by Mayor Charles Williams and Mayoress June Williams of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in April 2014."

Testimonial by Lord Vincent Pountain-Garrington, General Manager of the Hotel Indigo London Kensington-Earl's Court, September 2014

Read more about the Project here.




Be inspired by interior design highlights from abstract artist Ali Jabbar (A Beam of Light) now available as abstract art posters and abstract art limited edition prints. This painting depicts the appreciation of the warmth of the sun by laying undressed in a small, cold area of a building where we long to embrace Mother Nature, without the heavy burden of our clothes.

 Latest SaLe, Ali Jabbar, A Beam of Light, Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints




If we chase perfection we can catch excellence- Vince Lombardi

October 09 2015

Art commissions can add a special touch of elegance to many a home. Latest Sale subscribes to always achieving the highest levels of service for all art commissions we undertakes for private art commissions and luxury hotels.                                             "If we chase perfection we can catch excellence." This was a famous quote...

Latest Sale motto, Design addresses itself to the need- Charles Eames

October 08 2015

Latest Sale continues with its famous quotes of the week with "Design addresses itself to the need" by Charles Eames. This the perfect quote for Destino Jewellery, Yellow Baltic Amber earrings. The luscious yellow Baltic amber is the star this pair of Destino Jewellery sterling silver and Baltic Amber moon earrings. Baltic Amber, which comes from the Baltics, has been used for centuries to create art, jewellery and to decorate various...


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