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London to Use Facial Recognition Technology, Latest Sale Week 06012020

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory and explores the topic “London to Use Facial Recognition Technology.” London emergency services plan to use real-time facial recognition technology for investigations. The technology will use video cameras installed on the streets to identify individuals by matching their picture against their database. The software can immediately identify a person on the emergency service watch list after the video camera captures them. With this technology, the surveillance teams hope to make the streets of London safer, and ensure that the citizens of London feel secure and protected.    

Amazon’s Cashierless Supermarkets, Latest Sale Week 11112019

This week, we discuss Amazon’s Cashierless Supermarkets for the Technology Business Directory as the ecommerce giant prepares to establish Amazon Go supermarkets without cashiers. The ambitious project utilizes ‘Go Technology’ to provide shoppers with a seamless self-checkout experience. ‘Go Technology’ involves several complex cameras and software that determine what a shopper has purchased and automatically detects their purchase before the cashless system checks them out. Presently, the company is stress-testing the equipment with several participants. The question that critics have been concerned with is whether the technology will work in the best interests of consumers and if they will find shopping in this manner more convenient.  

Hong Kong’s Smart City Blueprints Latest Sale Week 16092019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory and highlights Hong Kong’s smart city blueprints and the common spatial data infrastructure (CSDI) programme led by Dassault Systèmes. Dassault Systèmes aims to design a 3D experience platform for businesses to use. Its objective is to understand the present and the future in addition to enhancing consumer experiences. The system will be available on three platforms, on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud. It is expected to enable business leaders to create a comprehensive business visual. The platform also offers access to a wide range of effective and useful applications. Businesses will be able to create online internal and external social communities via the social and collaborative application to connect people from their ecosystem. Businesses can…

Watch the Lux Latest Sale Week 22072019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory with a focus on the customized Apple Watch 4- 44MM, so watch the lux. Designed to perfection, the Lux Watch 4 includes up to seven variations made from premium materials including titanium, carbon, ceramic and 18K gold. For men and women who wish to stay abreast of the latest technological creations whilst being elegantly stylish, the Lux Watch 4 offers a premium experience to all those who love technology. The superlative design features of the Lux Watch 4 include the option to include differing grades of diamonds in varieties as extensive and as rare as blue and violet as well as exotic red emeralds. The Lux Watch 4 Deluxe collections range from $43,995 to $73,995….

Do Modius Headsets Make You Feel Nauseas? Latest Sale Week 27052019

This week, Latest Sale asks, “Do Modius headsets make you feel nauseas?” from the Technology Business Directory. Launched in August 2017, Modius headsets use vestibular stimulation to deliver a message to the brain’s hypothalamus, which influences appetite and satiety. The technology promotes weight loss by reducing a person’s appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods. Users have noticed a reduced desire for food within a week, whereas others have noticed a change after a few weeks. According to the company, users can expect to lose weight between six to twelve weeks of using the headset at least five times each week. The company advises people to maintain a healthy exercise routine alongside it. The rate of weight loss and the side effects experienced will differ from…

Biometrics Technology for Smart Cities, Latest Sale Week 01042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory, with out team discussing the benefits of biometrics technology for smart cities using 5G networks. “Biometrics is a realistic authentication process used in computer science for identification and access control. It can also assist with calculations and measurements.” 5G is a fifth-generation wireless network, which has already been introduced in major cities across Europe and North America. Smart cities should incorporate biometrics technology in devices operating on a 5G network. A gym located in a smart city with 5G can provide its clients with biometric readouts to monitor and optimise their workouts. More importantly, biometrics technology powered by a 5G network can increase the efficiency of facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and voice recognition by reducing…

Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality Latest Sale Week 04022019

This week the Latest Sale team writes for the Technology Business Directory and reports on augmented reality versus virtual reality.   Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) adopts the use of computer-generated images that bring together real and virtual worlds. The philosophy behind AR is one of immersion so that images and the perception of the real world are altered. Computing tools facilitated the tools required to generate augmented reality visuals. AR has been used greatly within the entertainment and gaming industries. The benefit of AR tools is to augment or enrich the experience of the user, with interactivity at the heart of experience. The incorporation of objects into this virtual world such as a room with paintings (that are not real but virtual) is one…

Challenges Faced by Bitcoin Latest Sale Week 10122018

This week, Latest Sale explores the challenges faced by bitcoin for its Business Directory Technology category. When bitcoin was introduced a decade back, it was expected to usher in a financial revolution of sorts. However, these predictions have not materialized yet. What is certain is that the next decade is crucial for the credibility and success of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was invented to serve as a viable alternative for centralized and government-controlled fiat currencies. Large financial investors now have massive cryptocurrency holdings, due to which bitcoin has become centralized to an extent. However, the wider adoption by the general public and ordinary investors that it needs to be truly decentralized is still some distance away. Cryptocurrencies have suffered serious damage from high profile cyber attacks…

Impact of Wearable Technology on Healthcare Latest Sale Week 15102018

This week, Latest Sale examines the future impact of wearable technology on healthcare for the Business Directory Technology category. Smart wearable technology has already made a huge impact on the medical care industry and is predicted to become even more important in the future. Here are some key advantages. Doctors will be able to use software to design tailored programmes for wearable devices based on patient requirements.. Wearable devices will be able to detect key health parameters to make early and accurate medical diagnosis. Healthcare professionals will be able to remotely monitor patient health in real-time and provide them with emergency care if and when needed. These medical devices will be able to track whether or not patients are taking their medication on time. They…

How cities use Machine-to-Machine Technology Latest Sale Week 20082018

This week Latest Sale covers Technology for the Business Directory and assesses how cities use Machine-to-Machine Technology Latest Sale Week 20082018. With a focus on preparing for a Machine-to-Machine World, we cover this topic as part III of our series on Machine-to-Machine Technology.   How cities use Machine-to-Machine Technology through Traffic Technology The use of M2M Technology can be extended to wider city infrastructure projects that include traffic management considerations. Traffic management includes communicating parking availability via digital means, and real-time data sharing of vehicles parked in specific areas. The main advantage of such technology is to ease congestion in cities. In exchange, this also improves the environment thanks to a reduction of cars driving around looking for parking spaces. Predictive Traffic Technology gives users…

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