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How to Bring Healing Properties of Baltic Amber to Fashion

Latest Sale explores how to bring healing properties of Baltic amber to fashion. Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery has emerged from the fossilized resin of ancient trees. The beautiful yellow and lime green colours of Destino Jewellery amber jewellery pair well with earth tones and monochromatic outfits. Look no further than this riveting jewellery collection…

Latest Trends in Architecture, Latest Sale Week 18052020         

We report from the Architecture Business Directory and cover the latest trends in architecture. Sustainability is a top priority for new architecture projects. Reducing the environmental impact of buildings and blending them with nature is imperative. Building exteriors are now often embellished with lush green plants in order to create a natural, soothing look. Universal…

Art Commission Contracts

So, you’ve decided to commission a piece of artwork and it is now time to explore art commission contracts. Latest Sale explores what should be included in contract negotiations and how to make sure you get it right. Contract negotiations should principally concern a description of the project and a payment agreement. The description of…

What is Costume Jewellery Made From?

What is Costume Jewellery Made From? Fashion accessories are typically made from base metals and simulated stones. These base metals include brass, copper, and aluminium. Simulated stones include plastic stones and cubic zirconia among other crystal alternatives. Costume jewellery, or fashion jewellery, is often coated so many designs may be gold plated or silver plated….

Explore and contrast the Difference Between Black Diamonds

Explore and contrast the difference between black diamonds. There are three types of black diamonds: manmade black diamonds, natural black diamonds, and treated black diamonds. Natural black diamonds derive their colour from many small, dark coloured inclusions and fractions in the diamond. Manmade and treated black diamonds are treated with heat or irradiation to attain…

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