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Different Types of Multimedia and Digital, Latest Sale Week 06042020

This week, we report from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory and highlight various multimedia and digital platforms. Earned, owned, and paid are three types of digital media. Each type represents various advertising, brand popularisation, and opportunities to engage with the target audience. Businesses use digital marketing to create content, strengthen the brand, and generate…

Contrast Traditional Designs with Contemporary Abstract Art Posters

Contrast traditional designs with contemporary abstract art posters for your residential interior. From classic mahogany furniture to silver dishware and porcelain accessories. Such furnishings make perfect settings for bold geometric prints and ethereal abstract paintings. For an even more unexpected contrast, place a modern artwork within an old-fashioned frame. Abstract art is a perfect choice…

Google Cloud to Change Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 30032020

This week, Latest Sale highlights, “Google Cloud to Change Telecommunications,” from the Telecommunications Business Directory. Google Cloud announced an innovative strategy to aid in the digital transformation of telecommunications companies. Its aim is to monetise 5G as a business platform, engage customers using data-driven experiences, and enhance operational effectiveness. Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian discussed…

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