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Intersection of Fashion and Technology Latest Sale Week 12102020

This week Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory and covers the intersection of fashion and technology. More and more intersections of fashion and technology are being introduced every day. One intersection is in material technology. Some brands such as Adidas are finding new ways to produce sustainable products. Adidas partnered with Parley for…

Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery designer’s pride and passion

Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery designer’s pride and passion is undisputed.  Product designers pride themselves in developing stylish alternatives to sterling silver for both men and women. From pendants to rings, a real choice of difference is in abundance. Wearers can choose from silver coloured jewellery as well as yellow gold and rose gold finshings….

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative to traditional gemstones. Organic gemstones not only shine brightly but they are versatile enough to be coordinated with formal attire all year round. From formal gatherings such as winter balls to racing fixtures in the spring and summer months, choose Destino Jewellery fine jewellery to exude…

Get the Look: Transitional Interior Design Latest Sale Week 05102020

This week Latest Sale shares some simple tips on how to get the look: transitional interior design style. Transitional design is all about combining contemporary with traditional design elements to create a modern and luxurious interior. Dark wood, plush upholstery, and clean lines are some of the trademarks of this ultra-popular design style that we…

Are art commissions suitable for Neoclassicism?

Are art commissions suitable for Neoclassicism? Neoclassical artists can certainly offer bespoke services to prospective clients. Neoclassicism refers to contemporary art inspired by antiquity. This art movement surfaced as a reaction against the intricately decorative and sensuous Rococo style that was the dominant art form in Europe from the 16th century onwards. A profound and…

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