Futuristic Hospitals SCIENCE: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression. With the increasing rate of depression in the post-pandemic era, the need for effective treatments for mental illnesses has become more poignant. Latestsale.com explores Hospitals of the Future in this first podcast dedicated to MedTech. The “Your Voice is Amplified” podcast promises to create a forum for dialogue generate from the knowledge baed sales platform with a difference. This first podcast episode featuring psilocybin drugs and medical technology devices will uncover insights into the science and its potential impact globally.

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The Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London conducted clinical trials to discover whether psilocybin drugs are equally as effective as any leading anti-depressant. It is also thought that the simultaneous usage of a medical device such as eye masks can improve the results even more.

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Despite interest from US investors, there are still many restrictions imposed by federal law that prevent funding for similar clinical trials. But the UK seems to be doing pretty well for itself, as can be seen by the COMPASS Pathways funding of psilocybin trials conducted by King’s College London. Although the results were inconclusive because not all participants followed through until the end of the study, they certainly played a vital role in uncovering the effectiveness of psilocybin drugs for treating depression alongside medical devices.

The good news is that throughout the trials, no severe adverse effects were observed. It helped reaffirm the benefits of psilocybin drugs for treating mental illnesses such as depression. Of course, medical devices can also affect the healing process dramatically, perhaps by creating a placebo effect, but despite the fact that the human mind is so powerful, a placebo isn’t enough to completely cure a mental illness.


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