Futuristic Hospitals INVESTORS: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

Medical technology has come a long way in treating mental health issues. But what role do the investors play in all of this? This “Your Voice is Amplified” podcast episode summarizes how investors have impacted medical technology and how investment in this area can help treat prevailing depressive disorders on a global level. Significant investments to date in psilocybin trials include UK- based pharmaceutical firm Compass Pathways. Australia has already invested more than $3 million to study the effects of these trials.

Futuristic Hospitals TECHNOLOGY: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

The Futuristic Hospitals TECHNOLOGY: Medical Devices, Psilocybin topic returns with the Your Voice is Amplified podcast from latestsale.com. This is our second technology podcast covering Hospitals of the Future as we explore the effects of Psilocybin used to treat depression. In this podcast episode we evaluate what effects medical devices have had on this trial from King’s College, London and the key trends driving the medical ecosystem forward.

Futuristic Hospitals SCIENCE: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression

Futuristic Hospitals SCIENCE: Medical Devices, Psilocybin, Depression. With the increasing rate of depression in the post-pandemic era, the need for effective treatments for mental illnesses has become more poignant. This first podcast episode featuring psilocybin drugs and medical technology devices will uncover insights into the science and its potential impact globally. The Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London conducted clinical trials to discover whether psilocybin drugs are as effective as leading anti-depressants.