It’s no surprise that the top automobile companies, such as Toyota, Honda, and General Motors, are making efforts to ensure their vehicles are greener, given the current climatic conditions of the world. But as these companies have been around for a while; we investigate which startups are creating green transportation solutions from the start.

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Most notably, Outrider, a Colorado-based US company that produces self-driving electric yard trucks with next to zero emissions. And then there is Riversimple, a leading innovator of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Their car’s tailpipe emission consists of only water and vapour, making them much more efficient than any electric car.

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The European Commission has launched a €3.2 billion investment plan to improve sustainability in the Western Balkans. And a huge chunk of this funding will go toward making transportation more sustainable

In Europe alone, almost 70% of emissions come from transport. But to reduce this percentage, the governments of France, Norway, and Luxembourg took a step forward and offered incentives, such as waiving off import tax on electric vehicles, offering free public transport, etc., which helped in reducing overall emission levels considerably

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