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Home / Pablo Picasso’s Le Rêve Replicas are Popular in Home Décor

Pablo Picasso’s Le Rêve Replicas are Popular in Home Décor

Pablo Picasso’s Le Rêve replicas are popular in home décor. Le Rêve, also known as ‘The Dream,’ depicts Picasso’s mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter sleeping in a chair. The original oil painting was created in 1932, showcasing Picasso’s unique painting style with abstract shapes and bold colours. It’s a shame that the painting is currently not available for public viewing with only replicas on display.

Le Rêve is a valuable piece of artwork and followers of Picasso can find many replicas and reproductions worldwide. Besides the recreation of the painting on canvas, it is also being replicated onto textiles in the form of tapestries. Some artisans even collaborate with the Fundación Picasso, also known as the Picasso Foundation, an organization that manages a vast collection of Picasso’s artworks, to recreate this iconic painting via looms. Such pieces are extensively used in home décor.

Currently, the Le Rêve painting is owned by a private collector, Steven A Cohen, and is not available for public viewing. The last known value of the original painting was $155 million.

Several factors distinguish the original painting from a fake including colours, painting techniques and positioning of key elements of the artwork. Typically, the history of ownership of the painting is a key indicator of the original, alongside the use of the brushwork.

The iconic painting clearly portrayed Picasso’s cubist style and impacted many modern art movements in the 20th century. Le Rêve has also inspired other artists to experiment with new forms of expression.

Despite having many replicas and reproductions created, not having the original Le Rêve on display is a loss of cultural heritage. Future generations may miss out on appreciating and being inspired by this iconic artwork. Still, private collectors claim the original work is better preserved than it can be if used in public exhibitions.

ARTIST: Pablo Picasso


ARTWORK: Le Rêve (the Dream), 1932 Private collection of Steven A. Cohen