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Home / Fine Art enjoys many subcategories: Heroes and Leaders

Fine Art enjoys many subcategories: Heroes and Leaders

Fine Art enjoys many sub categories and themes. Among the long list of niches, heroes and leaders has always been a popular theme with artists and commissioners. Many collectors pay artists to recreate the artwork in memory of their favourite historical figures, while some artists do so out of respect for their long lost heroes. It’s just one way to commemorate the efforts of past leaders.

The world’s history is filled with top leaders and heroes who changed the world for the better. In an effort to recognize their work throughout history and keep their legacy alive, many artists have created masterpieces that constantly remind us of all the hard work our ancestors put into creating a brighter future for us. Some made efforts for world peace while others worked for the betterment of their countries. Today, you can find historical art exhibits all around the globe.

You can find numerous hero and leader-themed art exhibits around the globe. Some are private collections, while others require exclusive access; for instance, the John Adams’s art collection is for members only.

Artists have always been inspired by heroes and leaders, even if they are fictional. After the French revolution, the trend for using real people as art subjects became more common and stands firm even today.

Using people of the working class (maids, bartenders, labourers, etc.) as art subjects brought societal change and the subjects of art felt more empowered—the impact of this change lasts even today.

Fictional heroes leave a lasting impact, but real-life heroes and leaders inspire people even more. Many artists honour historical figures through their artwork. The artwork not only remains in our memories but also keeps the legacy of real life leaders and heroes alive. The efforts of leaders who to eradicate slavery and promote peace will always remain with us in the form of art.


ARTIST: Carole Freeman, Alexandra Ang

HEROES/ LEADERS: Rachel Carson, Web Du Bois

LEGACY: feminist scientist, civil rights leader