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Archives for Art Posters

Corporate art gifts serve as a powerful gesture

Elevate your corporate gifting talents to new heights with the beauty of art! Corporate art gifts serve as a powerful gesture to express appreciation, strengthen relationships, and foster a sense of creativity in the business realm. From stunning original artworks to elegant art posters, these gifts transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting positive impression on…

Latest Sale Art commissions, Ali Jabbar A Pity You Were Not There

“A Pity You Were Not There” is the epic masterpiece from abstract artist Ali Jabbar, available from Latest Sale as limited edition prints and art posters starting from £150.00, Ali’s enigmatic style lives on in this thought provoking painting. A truly inspirational favourite at Latest Sale, the painting can be interpreted as follows; The party…

Art is.. Landscape by Coincidence, Ali Jabbar Abstract Art Commissions

Latest Sale recognizes the genius work of the Ali Jabbar abstract art painting, Landscape by Coincidence now available as art posters and limited edition prints. Ali Jabbar is available to work with luxury establishments for private art commissions. Projects are handled with the art team at Latest Sale to maximize the client’s objectives and budgets. With…

Fine Art Is….Absolute Expansion for your Living room, Ali Jabbar

Latest Sale uncovers this masterful Ali Jabbar painting Absolute Expansion that demonstrates how a group of adjacent buildings expand in a triangular manner; an expansion that is boundless and limitless. The painting depicts how once a triangle is created, it can develop into a world of triangles of any composition.  Available as abstract art limited edition prints as…

Ali Jabbar, Abstract Art Video Stars, Still and Full, West Coast jazz

Still and Full is the opening masterpiece for Ali Jabbar’s Fine art video developed by the Latestsale.com Marketing team, showcasing his abstract art collection now available as Limited Edition Prints and high quality FineAbstract Art Posters. Tranquillity, waiting and longing typify this fine artist’s work, with his artistic endeavours now accompanied with a cool jazzy beat,…