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Archives for Destino Jewellery

Fine jewellery inspirations

Fine jewellery inspirations never go amiss with the Destino Jewellery collection of gemstone jewellery. For formal occasions such as weddings or winter galas, the collection promises to surprise and entice the wearer no matter the  event. Select birthstones from as wide as amethyst and opal to garnet, and enriched with passionate designs that reflect women…

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative to traditional gemstones. Organic gemstones not only shine brightly but they are versatile enough to be coordinated with formal attire all year round. From formal gatherings such as winter balls to racing fixtures in the spring and summer months, choose Destino Jewellery fine jewellery to exude…

Black Diamond Earrings: An Essential Item for Every Jewellery Box

The bold and mysterious charm of black diamond earrings: an essential item for every jewellery box. These exquisite gems are bound to grab anyone’s attention and mesmerize them with their enchanting beauty. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise how this precious stone has become a highly sought-after alternative to conventional diamonds. Black diamond earrings…

Heal Your Body and Reinvigorate Your Soul with Chic Amber Earrings

Along with enhancing your appearance, you can also heal your body and reinvigorate your soul with chic amber earrings. The bright yellow organic gemstone enjoys widespread popularity due to its luxurious aesthetics and almost-magical properties. As a centuries-old staple in folk medicine, this natural stone boasts multiple health benefits. Thus, it is a must-have jewellery…

Copper Earrings The Most Versatile Handmade Jewellery for Any Occasion

Several factors make copper earrings the most versatile handmade jewellery for any occasion. From the unique earthy tone to an almost vintage appearance, these charming earrings can help you enhance your wardrobe with sophistication and style. The reddish-brown hues of this malleable metal can also create enchanting combinations with various gems. In addition, copper earrings…

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