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Finely tuned copper earrings

Finely tuned copper earrings are at one with both nature and culture thanks to the stunning, enigmatic designs that personify the Destino Jewellery line. Handmade jewellery that is both beautiful and unique is the essence of this collection so be sure to wear jewellery accessories to high profile events and celebrations so you can impress your peers. Highly polished raw copper enjoy a rich colour that is both rare and tantalizing so enjoy the look your admirers will give you as soon as you enter the room. This handmade jewellery line of statement earrings is delivered in an elegant black designer jewellery box.  

Admire sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery from near and afar

Admire sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery from near and afar and take in the beauty of each classic piece as you prepare for your formal event. With Destino Jewellery, your heavenly choices of amber earrings will put you in a whirlwind of romance-inspired fine jewellery treats that will capture the imagination of your admirers. Enjoy the tantalizing delights of Destino Jewellery sunshine yellow amber earrings or alternatively, select the awe inspiring earthy tones of lime green amber earrings. Your delicate earlobes will be greeted with a sigh of relief at formal occasions where overbearing, large earrings are not appreciated. Make an entrance in true minimalist style.    

How bold sterling silver earrings can be worn

Knowing how bold sterling silver earrings can be worn is key to discovering whether you select a streamlined outfit with classic lines or an exuberantly styled ensemble that stretches boundaries. For evening attire such as a black dress or elegant gown, try Destino Jewellery chandelier earrings to set off the natural grace of your outfit. Select fabrics such as satin or silk. If your attire is made from lace, a simpler look may be required. In this case, we recommend a simple pair of sterling silver earrings without gemstones or a remarkably flamboyant finish. The contrast will ensure you look fabulous but not overbearing.

Caring for bridal jewellery is simple

Caring for bridal jewellery is simple thanks to the wide variety of cleaning tools available at specialist jewellery stores. Fine jewellery requires specific care with precious metals such as 925 sterling silver and 14k white or yellow gold a prime example. A non abrasive cleaning cloth may be used to retain the shine of precious metals however in the case of gemstone jewellery, any cleaning should be carried out with caution. Precious stones should be secure within the precious metals however more extensive cleaning of high value jewellery may need to be taken for a professional jewellery cleaning service. Many jewellery stores offer such a service and for bridal jewellery to be worn more than once in the lifetime of the bride, it is highly…

There are two ways to wear costume jewellery with a black dress

There are two ways to wear costume jewellery with a black dress and make a tantalizing impact. First, select a jewellery set or crystal earrings that contrast with your chosen attire. This may be a white crystal jewellery set with a hint of midnight blue colouring or statement earrings with a twist. Wear either of these pieces and sparkle in the night. Alternatively, select a long necklace and matching earrings combo. Alternatively, select fashion jewellery made from a combination of silver and gold plating. The magical explosion of contrasting colours and metals promises to reflect the uniqueness of your natural style. Choose Bijoux Oui each and every time for gifts, special occasions or personal treats.

The artistry of black diamond earrings graces your accessories

The artistry of black diamond earrings graces your accessories collection thanks to the delights of Destino Jewellery. From cluster earrings to hoop earrings, the beauty of these fine jewellery treasures will forever captivate its audience. Dazzle everyone who sees you and select either a classic pair of black diamond earrings or choose a dynamic pair that combines black diamonds with crystal clear white diamonds. Whatever your choice, any and every special occasion will be suitably graced with the appearance of exclusive Destino Jewellery accessories worn with an elegant gown in classic evening colours of black, marine blue, emerald green or ruby red.  

Amber earrings matter to all women who seek classic designs

Amber earrings matter to all women who seek classic designs and want to be at one with nature. Organic gemstones are one of a kind and the Destino Jewellery range of sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery enjoys the benefit of being handmade by local artisans. Available in unique styles, this inspiring collection includes yellow amber and lime green amber. For women who need to wear traditional or somewhat conservative attire for formal occasions such as boardroom presentations or other professional settings these earrings set off against a smart, tailored suit give you the edge over your peers. Streamlined, refined and elegant, wear the sterling silver earrings that count.

The world gazes on as stainless steel earrings continue

The world gazes on as stainless steel earrings continue to reach sectors of the fashion industry glitterati who seek long lasting trends that are both bold and enigmatic. The catwalk comes alive as models are accompanied with easy to wear fashionable accessories that offer both comfort for sensitive ears and unique style. Grace the crowd with the latest fashion design labels that shine with ethical balance alongside hypoallergenic earrings specifically designed to wow the crowds. Fire Steel comes alive each and every time with one of a kind designs in baby blue and baby pink crystals that never cease to excite both onlookers and jewellery wearers alike.  

Fine jewellery inspires a new generation

Fine jewellery inspires a new generation seeking responsibly sourced accessories from a jewellery brand whose product designers pride themselves in creating both classic and trendsetting collection. From sterling silver and 14k yellow gold earrings to gemstone jewellery, the Destino Jewellery range includes a large array of choice that appeals to discerning wearers. A classic range of sterling silver earrings adds excitement to a prestige collection of chandelier inspired delights- perfect for wowing the crowds at special events including award ceremonies and winter balls. Select the perfect elegant gown and ensure everyone you meet is exposed to the sheer pleasure of Destino Jewellery.

Use hypoallergenic earrings to accessorize

Use hypoallergenic earrings to accessorize your favourite daytime outfits. Whether you aim to impress at your next boardroom meeting without being overbearing or you seek a simple pair of small huggies for everyday wear, Fire Steel has the perfect jewellery range to meet your ever changing needs. For work related endeavours, stick with the silver toned stainless steel earrings. A grand selection of classic styles awaits you. Choose from knot earrings, plain huggies or stud earrings with a single black cubic zirconia stone. Either way, these streamlined designs give you the edge in the workplace without being too exuberant.

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