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Gold plated earrings inspire all those who wear them

If gold plated earrings inspire all those who wear them, are special occasions the only times when they can be truly appreciated? A glorious wedding or a casual retreat- the real beauty of fashion jewellery is its versatility. A delicate glow in the night or the subtle shine during the hazy sunlight, wearing gold plated earrings can invigorate the soul. Wear a dark coloured outfit in need of a spruce of life. The Bijoux Oui jewellery collection is nickel compliant and delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box. Protect your jewellery and maintain its shine for as long as possible by keeping each piece in the original box.  

Statement earrings are the only showstoppers you need

Statement earrings are the only showstoppers you need to modernize any outfit. You could say these are pieces of jewellery that are in a league all of their own. You don’t need to pair them with anything else even if you wear simple yet showstopping styles such as large gold hoop earrings. The bold and unique design is enough to make you stand out, particularly when worn with basics. From silk tassels to luxury metals, bright and bold earrings can transform your overall outlook, bringing you extra attention in a good way. Think of them as the magic touch your outfit needs to make heads turn everywhere you go.  

Stainless steel jewellery is here to stay

Stainless steel jewellery is here to stay with the magic of this non precious metal and the flexible designs that can be created from it truly inspiring. For both men and women, Fire Steel jewellery accessories are designed to surprise both wearers and onlookers. For all those who seek trendsetting designs with a twist and an original collection that also embraces more classic styles, jewellery accessories from Fire Steel are a must have. The full range includes bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and jewellery sets for women and for men, bracelets, chains and pendants. Wearers can expect a versatile range that is finished in various tones of rose gold, yellow gold or traditional silver toned colouring. Explore the collection and maintain the natural shine of these…

Create a new image with copper earrings

Create a new image with copper earrings by embracing the delightful designs on offer from Destino Jewellery. However you wear your hair, this natural, culture-led collection is truly inspiring. Wear your hair in a bun and ensure your hairstyle meets its match with large hoop earrings. The rusty shine of raw copper is truly exhilarating with dark attire looking especially tantalizing when accompanied with these accessories. A smart black dress or leather pants will guarantee you turn heads. Party all night or impress your work colleagues for the annual office holiday party. Sparkle and glow with ring donut shaped earrings, perfectly crafted as one of a kind creations. No two designs are the same because each copper jewellery piece is handmade, ensuring that you can…

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery shines the light

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery shines the light on fabulous creations that embrace socially aware consumers who wish to support local artisans. Handcrafted to perfection, the Destino Jewellery amber earrings range is a colourful collection available in lime green and yellow. Necklaces and brooches are also available with the product design team focusing on classic designs for both informal and more formal retreats. Enjoy the beauty of style and refined elegance by adopting the trend of purchasing organic gemstones that are truly inspired. An original collection that excites and stimulates the natural beauty of your attire, take one step closer to a fine jewellery brand with a difference.

Sterling silver earrings and interior design inspirations

Sterling silver earrings and interior design inspirations are reflected in the stunning styles of Destino Jewellery. Interior light fittings and chandeliers come to life with exuberant elegance by way of dangle earrings. A stunning gown has now found its perfect match. In order to make the most awe inspiring entrance to an event, select form the wide range of Destino Jewellery statement earrings shaped in the style of chandeliers. For those who love large earrings or who have traditionally purchased large hoop earrings these interior design inspired styles offer unique insights into the development of fashion and accessories trends. Delivered in a classy white leatherette designer jewellery box, these unique styles present an exclusive alternative to hoop earrings, ensuring you are the centre of attention…

Bridal jewellery shapes and sizes

Bridal jewellery shapes and sizes reflect a woman empowered by an accessories range with finesse. From petite earrings to large or dangle earrings, brides can confidently wear a bridal gown with a low neckline and stun onlookers who will be charmed by their elegance. Reflect your special moment by choosing fine jewellery that matches your floral arrangements and their natural colours. Do not forget you can continue to wow your guests with Destino Jewellery earring and necklace sets designed to perfection using the finest gemstones. Choose from ruby, sapphire and emerald jewellery sets delivered and packaged in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.    

Costume jewellery sensation delights fashionistas

Costume jewellery sensation delights fashionistas time and time again. Bijoux Oui never ceases to amaze with dazzling designs that are both accessibly priced and durable. From silver plated jewellery to gold plated jewellery, enjoy the abundance of style and glamour for your next retreat or party. Fun filled collections ensure your fashion jewellery brings out your best features. Choose from bangles, earrings, in all shapes and sizes, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Mix and match and create fabulous jewellery sets that turn heads, combining non precious metal finishings with crystals, beads, or semi precious stones. The Bijoux Oui collection is delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box.    

Stun the world with black diamond earrings

Stun the world with black diamond earrings that inspire a generation of jewellery collectors seeking glorious trendsetting designs with optimal value. Unique pieces with an exotic edge can always be worn by women who strive for perfection and success. Wear Destino Jewellery for special occasions, from elegant winter balls to anchor birthday celebrations and make an impact each and every time. Impress your guests at every turn and showcase your bold beauty. Choose from an exciting collection where earrings come to life with stunning black and white diamonds in 14k white gold. The Destino Jewellery range is delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.

Amber earrings continue to delight

Amber earrings continue to delight wearers who seek refined elegance at an accessible price point. The Destino Jewellery product design team prides itself in providing delicate organic gemstones that reflect the minimalist tendencies of the wearer. Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery is especially popular with women who attend elegant gatherings such as luncheons and horse racing circuits but who do not wish to wear their most premium line of gemstone jewellery that may not be suitable for outdoor events. More fitting for evening gatherings, the highly refined fine jewellery collection awaits all those whose first choice is charm-filled elegance with a flirtatious twinkle.  

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