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Gold plated earrings stretch the imagination

Gold plated earrings stretch the imagination of all fashionistas willing to wait for the latest designs from Bijoux Oui. From hoop earrings to crystal dangle earrings, select the style that reflects your mood. Statement earrings from the collection may also compensate for a plain outfit that needs to be jazzed up. Choose the occasion that best reflects your stunning jewellery accessories, from formal to casual retreats, your wish is our command. The collection enjoys all the design features you would expect as well as a few surprises that will capture your imagination and impress all those who admire and seek to follow your natural sense of style.  

Statement earrings never cease to impress

Statement earrings never cease to impress, as special occasions such as winter balls await you. Destino Jewellery fire opal earrings ensure you look stunning at exclusive events where you need to look your very best and create an elegant impact. Opal is known to be the gemstone of love and passion so wear your gemstone earrings to a winter ball where delighting your partner is paramount. A seductive stone that releases inhibitions, dance the night away and prepare for an evening of exciting surprises and the finer things in life. This stone is known for exuding positivity so be sure in the knowledge that it will bring you the luck and joy you deserve.

Create an impact with stainless steel jewellery

If ever there was a time to create an impact with stainless steel jewellery, it is now as the season for holiday parties commences. You are totally blessed with large hoop earrings, dangle earrings and everyday stud earrings at your disposal. Mix and match with bangles and necklaces also available with some designs, thanks to the exciting range from the Fire Steel jewellery line. Accessories have never been so impactful, and you can take your look to new heights according to the occasion. Team meeting parties, department head parties, no matter how often and how many there are, there is no stopping you! Look fabulous, feel exhilarated and do not forget to explore PVD yellow gold and PVD rose gold jewellery accessories.

The enigma of copper earrings continues  

The enigma of copper earrings continues with Destino Jewellery rising to the occasions. Select the refined styles of lacquered copper including hoop earrings and dangle earrings. Wear with dark colours to set off their natural tone and to ensure your accessories look as fabulous as you feel. Create an inspired look with a pleated black skirt with matching black cashmere polo for a casual smart look that works wonders for professional settings. An enhanced sense of fashion can be achieved with the most minimalist of styles whilst ensuring that the classic edge is not overbearing. Take one more step towards elegance personified.

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery stimulates the mind

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery stimulates the mind by bringing to light the essence of natural enhancements for fashion wear. Imagine the possibilities. With just a touch of organic beauty, you can create the impact you desire with minimalist charm. Take your natural sense of style to new heights and bring out the best of your assets. Ensure you flourish throughout the day with a stunning pair of sunshine yellow amber earrings. Protect your delicate earlobes and be safe in the knowledge that each jewellery piece has been created using the finest 925 sterling silver. Enjoy best in class fine jewellery from the Destino Jewellery accessories line and enhance your natural beauty.  

Sterling silver earrings always shine a light

Sterling silver earrings always shine a light on discerning jewellery wearers who wish to embrace a precious metal that is flexible enough to be twisted into delightful shapes. Explore the 925 sterling silver range of chandelier earrings, perfect for the evening event of the season, where you can impress all attendees. Sparkle all night long and bring even more excitement to your fabulous evening gown. Fine jewellery with an everlasting touch of glamour is the essence of the Destino Jewellery collection, so enjoy being tantalized by this jewellery line whilst also captivating all those who see you wear an accessories range full of fun and exuberance. Put timeless pleasure at the heart of your statement earrings collection.

Pearl bridal jewellery delights every time

Pearl bridal jewellery delights every time. Brides with a penchant for tradition and those who choose to marry during the month of June often select pearl earrings for their special day. A matching necklace may also be worn to enhance the wedding gown’s neckline. Feel the wonderment of a day filled with celebration and love and ensure a tulip shaped gown has the edge with fine jewellery accessories that deserve their place on your earlobes and neckline. Embrace the glory of a range of pearl jewellery styles from a range of jewellery brands that are specialists in cultured pearls such as freshwater pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls and the Sea of Cortez pearls.  

Costume jewellery trends continue

Costume jewellery trends continue to push design teams to new heights, especially those who wish to incorporate an element of sustainability ethics into their creations. Although fashion jewellery is not as long lasting as other metals including copper or bronze, eco friendly accessories can become part of the aesthetics. Try eclectic designs that combine gold plating or silver plating with beads used on both large hoop earring designs and gold plated jewellery sets. Make an impact without exceeding your budget and join a jewellery community that has become increasingly at one with nature. Take inspiration from your natural habitat and stun your audience time and time again.  

The most stunning hypoallergenic earrings

The most stunning hypoallergenic earrings are fully embraced by fashionable women who adore the benefits of quality jewellery without compromising on style due to sensitive ears. Be confident in your ability to always remain glamorous whilst adhering to a conservative budget. Stainless steel earrings from the Fire Steel range are competitively priced and can be worn for all occasions. Select this line for high profile, professional settings or social, evening gatherings. Mix and match by wearing a mesh bracelet alongside large hoop earrings with a sparkling mesh finish. The Fire Steel collection is delivered in an elegant black designer jewellery box.  

The joy never ends with handmade jewellery  

The joy never ends with handmade jewellery, so make a start and select from a wide range of solutions that will ensure you feel that you are making a sustainable contribution to the wellbeing of the planet. An abundance of delightful materials awaits you with jewellery designers on hand to develop captivating designs, from recycled wood, bronze or even copper. Take a step further towards nature and enjoy all that forward thinking design has to offer. A natural progression of glory is embedded in the Destino Jewellery copper jewellery range including coper earrings, bracelets, and chains. A wonderful line that glows brilliantly with rusty red and lacquered finishings to choose from, there are few accessories alternatives that make their mark in a similar fashion.  …

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