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The Best Hypoallergenic Earrings on the Market

Without a doubt, the best hypoallergenic earrings on the market are created by the Fire Steel Jewellery product design team. The designs offer the total package for any woman looking to expand her jewellery collection. Fire Steel is durable, beautiful, and perfectly safe for sensitive skin. These earrings are made from 316L stainless steel, making them resistant to tarnish and staining ensuring their bright shine is retained. Fire Steel also provides a wide array of styles, sometimes with semi precious stones, in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll find a set of hypoallergenic earrings for any and every occasion. Most importantly, they are especially crafted for women with sensitive skin. Fire Steel is clearly the best choice for beautiful hypoallergenic earrings.      

Three Reasons to Love Handmade Jewellery

In this post, we will highlight three reasons to love handmade jewellery. Firstly, handmade jewellery is unique with no two designs the same. As opposed to mass produced jewellery, handmade pieces are truly one of a kind, allowing the talent and creativity of the artisan to shine through. Another reason to buy handmade jewellery is due to its environmentally friendly credentials. For example, the copper jewellery collection by Destino Jewellery is made from recycled and sustainably collected copper from Mexico. Small scale productions also release less greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, purchasing beautiful handmade jewellery from the Destino Jewellery collection helps to support and uplift jewellery artisans from all around the world.  

Is It Worth Buying Gold Plated Earrings?

Is it worth buying gold plated earrings? For the stylish woman looking for jewellery at an accessible price, the answer is yes. Bijoux Oui creates costume jewellery that is both gorgeous and affordable, with beautiful gold plated earrings averaging £50 or less. Another benefit of gold plated earrings is the multitude of styles and trends available. This means they can be dressed down for everyday wear or styled with an elegant dress for a more formal look. These earrings are both versatile and fashionable. Create the illusion of an expensive fine jewellery collection with these gorgeous and accessibly priced earrings.  

Murano Glass Earrings Add a Piece of Culture to Your Collection

Latest Sale explores how Murano glass earrings add a piece of culture to your jewellery collection. As beautiful as they are unique, these earrings are handmade by local artisans in Murano, Italy. This island is located near the city of Venice and is ripe with artistic culture. The island’s artisans have been making glass in the region for over 1,500 years. Murano glass earrings are not only a cultural craft, but they are also stylish. Available in cool colours such as blues and greens, these earrings are a perfect accessory for any waterside occasion, such as a romantic gondola ride through the Italian canals.  

How is Stainless Steel Jewellery Made?

With all the buzz around this new jewellery trend, you might find yourself asking, how is stainless steel jewellery made? The answer is surprisingly simple. Stainless steel is an alloy, meaning it is made up of more than one chemical element, usually a combination of iron, nitrogen, manganese, silicon, small traces of nickel, carbon, and chromium. These elements are then moulded together to shape the jewellery pieces. Because of its chemical composition, this metal is highly durable when compared to its gold or silver counterparts. It is resistant to staining, tarnishing, and corrosion. Stainless steel jewellery is also environmentally friendly, using less energy and waste during the production process.  

Add a Creative Twist to Any Outfit with Copper Earrings

If you’re looking to add a creative twist to any outfit with copper earrings, Destino Jewellery is the best choice for you. This range of copper earrings is fun and adventurous, featuring delicate swirling details and beautiful shining surfaces. Yet they are still classy and professional, matching perfectly with any professional attire. Any outfit can be stylishly elevated with these artistic accessories. For example, if one were to attend a business conference in which the wearer is eager to impress, she might wear a fitted blazer and dress pants. Adding a pair of copper earrings can elevate this simple outfit with a creative and modern twist.  

Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery; Perfect Summer Accessories

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery; perfect summer accessories are explored. Made from 45-million-year-old fossilized tree resin, the amber organic gemstone luminates a brilliant yellow colour, reminiscent of the summer sunshine. When worn outdoors, such as to a fabulous garden picnic, the jewellery will reflect the sun rays and sparkle brightly. Set against durable and glamorous sterling silver, this Destino Jewellery collection looks great with any summer dress. More specifically, the warm amber colour will perfectly compliment pastel coloured fabrics. Attending any elegant outdoor event with sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery is guaranteed to enhance any stylish woman’s summer attire.      

Can Sterling Silver Earrings be Worn as Bridal Jewellery?

Can sterling silver earrings be worn as bridal jewellery? The answer is a clear and resounding ‘yes’. The Destino Jewellery sterling silver earrings collection is designed to exude glamour and beauty, so it is the perfect choice for an elegant and stylish bride. The gorgeous statement range of dangle earrings is designed with swirls that highlight the beauty of the bride. The statement collection can also be especially well accessorized with a classy up-do hairstyle to accentuate the shine and sparkle of the sterling silver earrings. Additionally, the unique design of these pieces using precious metal without embedded stones means brides can match any colour scheme, and look particularly beautiful when paired with a lily white wedding dress.      

The Perfect Bridal Jewellery for a Summer Wedding

When choosing the perfect bridal jewellery for a summer wedding, it is important to consider the season of the wedding. A summer wedding, for example, is full of warm tones and bright colours that pair brilliantly with the Destino Jewellery bridal jewellery collection. Destino Jewellery bridal jewellery is guaranteed to ensure any bride shines brighter than the summer sun. For those in attendance, one might choose to dazzle with a pair of bright yellow Baltic Amber Earrings. These sunshine inspired organic gemstones are perfect with light and elegant attire, and they look exceptional when paired with a warm-toned summer dress.      

Make a Statement with Costume Jewellery

Make a statement with costume jewellery, and select the perfect piece to make a statement. For example, a pair of dangle earrings from the Bijoux Oui gold plated earrings range would look stunning matched with a dark purple evening gown. Style your hair in an updo to showcase the intricate designs and draw attention to your makeup.  Gold Plated Earrings can also be dressed down in a professional work or casual setting. Paired with a dark blazer and red tinted lipstick, the earrings are sure to draw many compliments and envious stares. Bijoux Oui, gold plated earrings are an elegant fashion accessory that can complete any outfit, while still remaining affordable.  

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