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Handmade jewellery that wows the crowds

Handmade jewellery that wows the crowds can never be underestimated. The Destino Jewellery collection of copper jewellery inspires a growing number of followers who wish to captivate those who they socialise with as well as supporting sustainable solutions. Sustainability is at the heart of the collection as is supporting a workforce who assist in the manufacturing of the range. There are always new trendsetting styles that push the boundaries of fashion to new heights but no matter the trend, the eclectic yet classic styles of copper earrings are perfect accessories that enjoy both versatility and impeccable style and are ideal for both formal and casual events depending on your attire.  

Gold plated earrings never cease to amaze

Gold plated earrings never cease to amaze with stylish creations in abundance thanks to the Bijoux Oui collection. Styles may or may not include crystals or other simulated stones with special attention paid to meeting the demands of fashionistas everywhere. Bold designs are endless including large earrings, hoop earrings and dangle earrings. For versatile elegance at evening events or summer retreats with affordability in mind, trendsetting creations will always steal the show. Never miss a beat and look out for the most tantalizing effects of this riveting costume jewellery collection that will always make you look and feel fabulous. The Bijoux Oui collectIon is delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box.  

The Beauty of Venice and Murano glass earrings

The beauty of Venice and Murano glass earrings are unmistakable. A glorious charm that derives from the island is presented through the collection by Destino Jewellery. Enjoy the authenticity of Italy’s craftmanship and the originality of product design. With stunning colours available for fashionable women who want to stand out in the crowd, these little treasures are sure to impress. Wear them for winter walks or gift them for themed parties that turn heads. With a passion for fashion and subtle elegance, jewellery wearers can be sure in the knowledge that they are blessed with a unique fashion accessory that turns heads each and every time. There is no time like the present to dress to impress for winter balls and parties and with contemporary…

Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery designer’s pride and passion

Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery designer’s pride and passion is undisputed.  Product designers pride themselves in developing stylish alternatives to sterling silver for both men and women. From pendants to rings, a real choice of difference is in abundance. Wearers can choose from silver coloured jewellery as well as yellow gold and rose gold finshings. Fire Steel designs often mix and match colour tones as well as incorporating interesting materials into the designs such as Murano glass and leather. Designs can be both on trend and classic, to be worn for casual retreats or even for more formal occasions such as weddings. Enjoy the wonder of Fire Steel by selecting the very best from this spectacular collection delivered in a stylish black leatherette designer jewellery…

Copper earrings sparkle through the winter months

Copper earrings sparkle through the winter months with bold black attire acting as the perfect partner. Never miss a beat and stay on trend with a variety of Destino Jewellery delights. No two designs are the same thanks to the adoption of the handmade policy when creating these masterpieces. A rusty red colour will never disappoint and the best is yet to come thanks to long durability and easy care solutions. A non abrasive cloth can be used to gently clean the surface and ensure there are no other indications of dirt and grime. A fashion stopper, eco warrior wearers will always stun in formal attire with copper acting as a suitable, eco friendly and more affordable alternative to rose gold jewellery. Destino Jewellery copper…

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative

Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery remains a classic alternative to traditional gemstones. Organic gemstones not only shine brightly but they are versatile enough to be coordinated with formal attire all year round. From formal gatherings such as winter balls to racing fixtures in the spring and summer months, choose Destino Jewellery fine jewellery to exude true style. Discerning wearers of Destino Jewellery can enjoy both lime green and yellow amber making them a subtle accessory for exuberant attire. Think fascinators and glamorous hats or dresses with bold frills. Amber jewellery enjoys the delicate effect required to ensure that these fine jewellery pieces do not overwhelm the wearer.    

Sterlings silver earrings hit the winter months

Sterling silver earrings hit the winter months in eclectic style. There are plenty of holiday parties that deserve to be attended by women of style and substance. From twists to twirls, Destino Jewellery offers dangle earrings to women who seek glamour that delight each and every time. There is no doubt that a classy edge and exciting design can turn heads so wear a simple dress to set off your earrings brilliantly. Select a bold colour such as crimson red, black, yellow or purple to ensure you stand out in the crowd. For formal events such as award ceremonies, these stylish accessories will not disappoint. Destino Jewellery sterling silver earrings are delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.    

Make Your Big Day Even More Special with Bridal Jewellery

Accessorize your dress and make your big day even more special with bridal jewellery from Destino Jewellery. The elegant and stylish pieces from the fine jewellery collection will not only accentuate your bridal couture but will also create an aura of serenity as you walk down the aisle. The wide range of options will leave you speechless. From rose-coloured earrings adorned with clear diamonds to tantalizing white gold pieces, you will be spoilt for choice while looking for the perfect item. You can also select earrings or pendants with your birthstone to complete the look and make your event even more memorable. The Destino Jewellery collection is delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.  

How To Layer Your Costume Jewellery for Maximum Impact

Learning how to layer your costume jewellery for maximum impact can come in handy when you are running late for an important work meeting or have to attend a fancy dinner at short notice. The first thing you must do is to select a few of your favourite pieces of jewellery that differ in weight, texture, and density. Most experts recommend pairing bold, statement-making necklaces with daintier ones for a balanced look. You can then tie the look together with elegant earrings. While layering different items may seem fun and simple, it is important to remember that your costume jewellery selection must look cohesive and well-curated.  

Black Diamond Earrings: An Essential Item for Every Jewellery Box

The bold and mysterious charm of black diamond earrings: an essential item for every jewellery box. These exquisite gems are bound to grab anyone’s attention and mesmerize them with their enchanting beauty. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise how this precious stone has become a highly sought-after alternative to conventional diamonds. Black diamond earrings have the power to add a dramatic touch to any ensemble. You can pair them with a luxurious silk or lace dress or a tailored trouser suit for an unforgettable look. These statement pieces are also a perfect option for showcasing their personal style with elegance and sophistication.  

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