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Should You Buy Copper Earrings?

Should you buy copper earrings? The answer is yes. Copper is one of the most important and popular materials in the world. While pure copper is not strong, copper alloys are very durable. Copper is also very affordable and enjoys wide uses in medical instruments, coins, machinery, and most importantly, jewellery. The earthy tone of copper is undeniable. Its reddish-brown colour is truly eye catching, ensuring that any jewellery piece draws in attention. Copper earrings from the Destino Jewellery diffusion line include a vintage line that is popular amongst women who wish to maintain a classy look with epic magnificence. Consider purchasing copper earrings the next time you are shopping for a new pair.  

How to Bring Healing Properties of Baltic Amber to Fashion

Latest Sale explores how to bring healing properties of Baltic amber to fashion. Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery has emerged from the fossilized resin of ancient trees. The beautiful yellow and lime green colours of Destino Jewellery amber jewellery pair well with earth tones and monochromatic outfits. Look no further than this riveting jewellery collection that is truly inspiring whilst representing an expression of finesse. Baltic amber is cited as helping to address and relieve anxiety, arthritis pain, and headaches or migraines. Baltic amber jewellery, necklaces and bracelets, are also popular among event planner who attend special occasions including Ascot or weddings where light coloured clothing needs to be matched with classic yet bright toned jewellery.  

Is Sterling Silver a metal alloy?

Is sterling silver a metal alloy? Its components include pure silver and other metals, often copper. For a metal alloy to be considered sterling silver, 92.5% of the alloy must be pure silver. The addition of another metal gives the alloy strength and durability without losing the appearance of silver. Buyers can always be assured they are purchasing genuine 925 sterling silver jewellery by selecting a reputable seller. Look for a quality stamp on a pair of sterling silver earrings too to verify their authenticity. There are many other ways to determine if a jewellery piece derives from real silver. Try holding the piece of jewellery up to a magnet; it should not stick to the magnet if it is truly made from genuine 925…

Which Bridal Jewellery Will Complement Your Neckline?

Which Bridal Jewellery will complement your neckline? Consider the neckline of your glorious wedding gown when selecting fine jewellery from the Destino Jewellery collection. The neckline of a wedding gown in an important feature when you begin to configure your elegant jewellery. Certain styles lend well to a statement piece, while other styles may pair better with a simple pendent piece. A strapless wedding gown or a sweetheart wedding gown go well with a statement piece. With a high neck or a narrow v neck wedding gown, you may want to consider a simple pendent so that your neck does not look crowded. Enjoy spectacular Destino Jewellery gemstone jewellery especially tailored to the modern woman on her special day.  

What is Costume Jewellery Made From?

What is Costume Jewellery Made From? Fashion accessories are typically made from base metals and simulated stones. These base metals include brass, copper, and aluminium. Simulated stones include plastic stones and cubic zirconia among other crystal alternatives. Costume jewellery, or fashion jewellery, is often coated so many designs may be gold plated or silver plated. Each piece is likely to be very cost effective as well as trendsetting enabling buyers to purchase different styles on a regular basis in all shapes and colours. Costume jewellery is unlikely to be refurbished unlike fine jewellery. If a fashion jewellery piece breaks due to wear and tear it is more likely that an alternative is purchased new. Costume jewellery from the Bijoux Oui collection can also be used…

Explore and contrast the Difference Between Black Diamonds

Explore and contrast the difference between black diamonds. There are three types of black diamonds: manmade black diamonds, natural black diamonds, and treated black diamonds. Natural black diamonds derive their colour from many small, dark coloured inclusions and fractions in the diamond. Manmade and treated black diamonds are treated with heat or irradiation to attain their black colour. There has been a rise in popularity of black diamonds recently, with fine jewellery buyers looking for something less traditional than white diamonds. Think about looking for black diamond earrings from the Destino Jewellery gemstone jewellery collection next time you seek a sophisticated piece of jewellery to enhance your evening attire.    

Often touted as the stone of courage, a pair of amber earrings

Available in a range of beautiful colours, and often touted as the stone of courage, a pair of amber earrings will certainly add a pop of colour to your outfit. The amber stone is believed to balance emotions, and to attract good luck, among other things. Amber earrings are perfect to use as an accent piece or as a showstopper. They will draw attention because of their natural beauty and glow. Enjoy the Destino Jewellery collection of amber earrings available in lime green and sunshine yellow. The range is delivered in a delightful white leatherette designer jewellery box for added protection.  

Wear Stainless Steel Earrings with Anything

Wear stainless steel earrings with anything. These timeless pieces are a cost-effective option that will add a burst of style to your outfit. They can be worn with almost any attire thanks to the relative flexibility of this metal. Wear a pair of stud or lever back stainless steel earrings to the office. Style dangle earrings or hoop earrings with your outfit whilst you embrace a fabulous night out. Stainless steel earrings are a perfect alternative to precious metals. They do not only enjoy anti corrosive properties but they are highly durable so do not worry about wearing them out. For casual outings Stainless steel is also rust resistant so your earrings will retain their shine for many years to come.  

Fine Jewellery Spotlight: Monica Vinader Engravable Bracelet

Fine Jewellery Spotlight: Monica Vinader Engravable Bracelet. The Monica Vinader Signature Bangle is available in two new styles. Style one is crafted in rose gold; style two is crafted in silver. Both styles are accented with diamonds set on the face of the bracelet. This fine jewellery piece is ideal for an exciting night out, full of surprises and delights. The diamonds on the bangle add a sophisticated touch to any formal attire that will certainly elevate the piece and makes it shine in magnificent glory. Try this piece out on your next night out. You will be sure to turn heads again and again.   Image courtesy of Monica Vinader  

Pair Hypoallergenic Earrings with Everything

Get ready to pair hypoallergenic earrings with everything. Do you suffer from allergic reactions when you wear fashion jewellery? A perfect style accessory for any outfit, you can be sure in the knowledge that you will no longer have to compromise on style just because you have sensitive ears thanks to the eclectic range of Fire Steel hypoallergenic earrings. These masterful pieces are crafted from 316L stainless steel, and are less likely to cause a reaction when compared with nickel as often found in costume jewellery. Enjoy mixing and matching with different outfits, styles and colours, no matter the occasion. An essential accessory, pair them with everything, from workwear to casualwear.    

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