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Archives for Fine Jewellery

Three Fine Jewellery Staples

We highlight three fine jewellery staples every woman should invest in. Hoop earrings are a style perennial and no jewellery collection is complete without at least one pair as they are remarkably versatile and chic. Second, a simple diamond necklace that complements every outfit is an elegant addition that brings the right amount of understated…

Capture the Special Moment with Fine Jewellery

Capture the special moment with fine jewellery from our Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. Fine jewellery embraces classic and timeless designs that evoke feelings of luxury. Professional, romantic, delicate, or even old fashioned looks can be crafted around fine jewellery. Pick a neckline that allows the necklace to shine, or show off stunning earrings with…

Exploring Fine Jewellery and the Meaning Behind a Garnet Gemstone

Exploring fine jewellery and the meaning behind a garnet gemstone is the highlight of this post. Once the most popular gemstone of the Roman Kingdom, garnet is used today to create spectacular Destino Jewellery garnet jewellery ensuring the wearer exudes regal confidence and grace as seen with the Destino Jewellery Singular Newton Styled Garnet Necklace….

Zoë Kravitz Should Wear Turquoise Fine Jewellery to a Christmas Party

Zoë Kravitz should wear turquoise fine jewellery to a Christmas party and here are the reasons why. December is Zoë’s birthday and this month also represents the turquoise birthstone. Zoë Kravitz can therefore spread her wings at the start of the Christmas party season. Movie premieres, brand events, or an invitation to a friend’s Christmas party…

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