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Archives for Murano Glass Earrings

Stylish Murano Glass Earrings Sparkle Like Diamonds

Stylish Murano glass earrings sparkle like diamonds. Taken from the Destino Jewellery diffusion collection, these eye-catching Murano glass earrings are designed by talented Venetian glassmakers for jewellery lovers who value individuality and style. Every piece is unique with stunning hues of blue, green, and turquoise and amazing patterns. The Murano glass earrings are graceful, romantic,…

Keeping secrets with Murano glass earrings

Keeping secrets with Murano glass earrings continues with the Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery collection. The line is manufactured by embracing the skills developed on the island of Murano for centuries, many skills of which are well kept secrets by the island’s workers and employees. Such secrets have been retained thanks to the island’s historic administration…

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