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Archives for Murano Glass Earrings

Genuine Murano glass earrings are made exclusively in Italy

Genuine Murano glass earrings are made exclusively in Italy. The beads create beautiful styles including stud earrings, buttons, clip-ons, and dangle earrings. Even today, the glass earrings of today use the ancient techniques of Murano masters to create beautiful designs. The eye-catching and colourful designs never fail to impress because of their inherent beauty and…

The Italian Treasure: Murano Glass Earrings

The Italian treasure: Murano glass earrings  personifies the essence of breathtaking, handmade and unique earrings. Formed into different shapes using melted glass, the possibilities for original designs, and various shapes and colours are endless. Popular shapes for these earrings include heart-shaped, sphered, teardrop and many more. Accessories from the Venetian island are the perfect personal…

How to Style Murano Glass Earrings

How to style Murano glass earrings and make a statement. Explore the delightful pieces from the Destino Jewellery diffusion line incorporating. the gorgeous oceanic colours of Murano glass. Stand out in the crowd and take pleasure from dynamic statement pieces. As such, try pairing them with a neutral outfit. This could include light earth tones,…

Stylish Murano Glass Earrings Sparkle Like Diamonds

Stylish Murano glass earrings sparkle like diamonds. Taken from the Destino Jewellery diffusion collection, these eye-catching Murano glass earrings are designed by talented Venetian glassmakers for jewellery lovers who value individuality and style. Every piece is unique with stunning hues of blue, green, and turquoise and amazing patterns. The Murano glass earrings are graceful, romantic,…

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