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Archives for August 2017

Award ceremonies abound with sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery

The annual award ceremony is the perfect occasion to wear Destino Jewellery, sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery. Award ceremonies celebrate talent, achievement and excitement, and a dazzling pair of amber earrings from the delicately designed Destino Jewellery, sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery range will add a touch of class to any outfit. When attending…

Is Interior Design a hobby or a career? Latest Sale Week 14082017

This week Latest Sale highlights the importance of good interior design for residential properties and addresses the question as to whether an enthusiastic interior design hobbyist can take care of his/her residential interior design needs or rather the usage of a professional interior designer is required. One thing is for sure, the simpler the design,…

The best way to wear Olga Margarita, handmade beaded necklaces

Olga Margarita, handmade beaded necklaces are the perfect accessory for casual attire throughout the year. The best way to wear Olga Margarita, handmade beaded necklaces is to select for the Summer months, white linen trousers and tops that will match handmade beaded necklaces of various colours including indigo, yellow, orange and red. Handmade beaded necklaces…

The best Bijoux Oui costume jewellery to wear with a black dress

Bijoux Oui, costume jewellery is manufactured with flexible metals and materials that are versatile enough to match a variety of stylish black dresses. These include classically styled black dresses as well as more exuberant, glitzy black gowns. Bijoux Oui, costume jewellery including gold plated earrings and gold plated jewellery sets match perfectly with most styles…

How to choose a Wedding Photographer, Latest Sale Week 07082017

This week Latest Sale covers Wedding Photography for the luxury Business Directory. Bridal photography is such a personal and important aspect of a wedding with the bride and groom often embroiled in long discussions as to which photographer to choose and possibly the theme the wedding shoots should honour. The key to successful wedding photography…

Best colours to wear with Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings

Occasion wear designer jewellery is best worn with elegant attire for special events. Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings are available in a variety of styles, including large black diamond earrings, black diamond hoop earrings and black diamond stud earrings, Depending on the style of the Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings will determine affect the which…

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