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Choose the Right Living Room Rug Style Latest Sale Week 15062020

This week Latest Sale discusses best ways to choose the right living room rug style for the Interior Design Business Directory. When shopping for living room rugs keep in mind variables such as size, texture, colour, pattern, shape, and how well the rug is likely to complement existing furniture. Finding a rug that accommodates the desired seating area, rather than the whole room is crucial. An oddly shaped rug or a round rug allows you to cheat scale. If the living room space is heavily used or pets are involved, consider an all-wool rug, sisal, or a cotton flatweave which can also add texture to your space. Some affordable options include an all-wool, hand-knotted rug or a combination of wool and artificial silk. Choose a…

3 Types of Lightings: Home Office Interiors Latest Sale Week 20042020

This week, Latest Sale explores 3 types of lightings: home office interiors as part of the Business Directory interior design category. For business owners seeking luxury but still shopping on a budget, they may wish to consider the Lampart desk lamp complete with five brightness levels, a touch panel, and four-colour modes for reading, relaxing, studying, and sleeping. Alternatively, opt for the Joly Joy table lamp for durability and flexibility. The head can be adjusted up to 200 degrees and 90 degrees for the arm allowing light to focus on the desired angle. Finally, the Brightech LED torchiere floor lamp is perfect for a modern space with excellent energy-saving capabilities. The overall design is slim yet very stable.  

Trendy Biophilic Design in Interior Design Latest Sale Week 24022020

This week, Latest Sale discusses trendy biophilic design in interior design as part of the Business Directory. Biophilic design resulted from the increased importance of both environmental sustainability and personal wellness. For this reason, it has been integrated progressively into our daily lives. Biophilic design incorporates natural elements into modern built environments that directly influence our overall health. According to research, this type of design feature increases productivity, creativity, as well as reducing stress. Biophilic design represents an interior space including the use of natural light, indoor plants, living wall panels, recycled or natural materials such as stone and wood, and the usage of colours found in nature as well as images of nature.  

Interiors Resurgence: Midcentury Furnishings Latest Sale Week 30122019

This week the Latest Sale team highlights interiors resurgence: midcentury furnishings for the Business Directory. Specific eras of interior design are both distinct yet timeless include that of the 1950’s, also known as the era of midcentury design. This type of design originated in the early 20th century during the Bauhaus movement, and has been prevalent ever since. The use of midcentury elements in furniture today is referred to as midcentury modern. These designs are minimalistic with clean lines. Key features include gentle curves that express an aura of comfort. These pieces also utilize a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and glass.      

Trendy Convertible Urban Dwellings, Latest Sale Week 04112019

This week, the Latest Sale team discusses trendy convertible urban dwellings from the Interior Design Business Directory. Convertible urban dwellings feature beds that close in an upright position, movable walls, and other multipurpose furnishings. These dwellings create an illusion of space by making a small room appear large. Smart, innovative, and multipurpose furnishings can save homeowners money, as it allows them to utilize one item in two different ways. They can use a workstation table as a dining table when puled out in full, a coffee table as a storage unit, a bookshelf as a desk, and a sofa as a bed. The mindset of the present-day homeowner is minimalism and practicality, and this interior design trend meets both.    

Contrasting Fabrics in Commercial Settings, Latest Sale Week 09092019

This week Latest Sale discusses contrasting fabrics in commercial settings from the Interior Design Business Directory. Combining furnishings with different materials add textural balance to interiors. A luxury beige suede sofa in a commercial setting such as hospitality sectors and an indoor bench with a brown leather seat placed nearby are examples of how different fabric combinations can create an intriguing yet comforting environment. When using leather and fabric furnishings, ensure they are the same proportion. A fabric chair with narrow legs paired with a leather sofa on a thick frame will not work. Be on the safe side, and choose a neutral-coloured leather sofa as it can always be combined with almost any colour fabric.    

Add Large Oblong Wall Tiles to Homes, Latest Sale Week 15072019

This week, the Latest Sale team discusses why homeowners should add large oblong wall tiles to homes. We report from the Interior Design Business Directory and highlight how the large, oblong wall tiles’ functionality and versatility can be maximized by enabling interior designers to create various patterns. These tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures, with the large subway style tiles being the most popular. Homeowners can use large oblong wall tiles for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. The benefits of using these wall tiles include enlarging small spaces, widening long and narrow hallways, and creating a luxurious feel in bathrooms and kitchens, thus increasing the value of homes.    

Tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate Latest Sale Week 20052019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Interior Design Business Directory with a focus on tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate. Colour contrasts ensure elegant living spaces are destined for wide appeal. They exude a truly elegant charm with wall coverings and metal framed mirrors also used to enhance elegant colour tones. Chocolate wall coverings and delicate furnishings set off against a tortoiseshell blue range of Victorian-styled lounge furniture, can be easily complemented with a statement piece rug and a high velvet footstool or pouffe. Maintaining a contemporary, airy feel to Victorian furniture and a room with dark coloured walls and curtains is easily achieved with the fresh tone of tortoiseshell blue.    

Interior design trends: curtains or blinds? Latest Sale Week 25032019

Interior design trends: curtains or blinds? The Latest Sale team reports from the Interior Design Business Directory. With an array of interior design options for living rooms, conservatories and kitchens including skylights, and electronically controlled blinds, are curtains still a viable option for elegant living spaces? Textured, fully lined curtains can offer sheer elegance to a drawing room. With a chic, streamlined design, curtains will always add a luxurious finish to any room with abundant colours from champagne to pale grey available that enhance soft furnishings and minimalist décor. Electronic blinds offer a smart alternative for contemporary spaces such as luxury offices and other study workspaces such as private libraries. Curtains also offer great flexibility and can be ordered to measure so that no matter…

Interior Design trends: large floor tiles Latest Sale Week 28012019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory with a focus on Interior Design trends: large floor tiles. Large floor tiles, whether these be dark coloured or in more neutral tones offer alternatives that are best used to great effect in living settings that are small. With a recommended minimum size of 50cm x 50cm, large floor tiles bear well in small kitchens or bathrooms with the clear benefit of giving the impression of a much larger space. Combined with other interior design features such as oversized wall mirrors, large floor tiles add an aura of sophistication and delight. For sheer amplification of room settings, large floor tiles will offer long-term inspiration to all.      

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