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Toronto Zoo Presents Multimedia Art Exhibit, Latest Sale Week 16122019

This week, we report from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory covering the “Toronto Zoo Presents Multimedia Art Exhibit.” The zoo aims to increase attendance in the winter by launching a multimedia exhibit at night. Terra Lumina’s multimedia exhibit revolves around a compelling tale of hope. Through the exhibit, they hope to transport people to the year 2099, showing humans living harmoniously with nature. The multimedia story occurs over eight areas along a 1.5 km walking trail that will take around 45 to 60 minutes to complete. Apart from its futuristic elements, the zoo owners chose to keep some details secret.   Image courtesy of Toronto zoo  

NONE Collective’s Multimedia Museum, Latest Sale Week 21102019

This week, Latest Sale reports on the NONE Collective’s multimedia museum from the Business Directory. The organisation revealed plans in November 2019 to design a multimedia museum honouring Italian cinema in Rome in the cinecittà studios. The museum will showcase the flourishing history of moving pictures, interactive space, and new multimedia approaches. The organisation plans to use the 12 main spaces inside the historic studios previously used for printing and development. The design team has reworked over 300 movies to educate visitors and create curiosity and interest. Visitors are expected to leave the museum with a better understanding of Italian cinema, radio, and television.    

Multimedia Show in the Cunard Building, Latest Sale Week 26082019

This week the Latest Sale team covers the Multimedia Show in the Cunard Building from the Business Directory. Moment Factory, a globally renowned multimedia entertainment studio, used their SuperReal technology to fill the building with hypnotic visuals. They took viewers through a 45-minute journey through several fascinating virtual realms using high-tech mapping technology. The multimedia show covered the 1,114-metre building, covering the 557-metre of mirror reflecting the tall ceilings. For attendants, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Each year, the multimedia show becomes more complex and surreal. Anyone who missed it should visit next year’s show.  

The Beauty of the Lux Controller Latest Sale Week 01072019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory with a focus on the beauty of the Lux controller that ensures that those who adore gilded treasures are truly satisfied. This lifestyle brand aims to attract the most discerning global consumers who seek luxury in design and exclusivity. Some of the finest materials are used to create Lux iPhones including imperial jade to purple diamonds. The perfect accompaniment to Sony Playstation, this opulent alternative controller will wow the crowds. One of the key differences between products available on the Brikk site and other multimedia devices on the market is that each product is handmade by dedicated artisans ensuring that they are truly unique with no more than 77 designs of a single…

Multimedia Inspirations with Lux Headphones, Latest Sale Week 06052019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory and covers multimedia inspirations with Lux headphones. Combining 3 carats of diamonds, and six6 digitally calibrated hybrid speakers, the Lux headphones certainly offer an exciting alternative that sparks interest amongst global consumers with a penchant for luxury. With high definition (HD) capabilities, The Lux HD headphones ensure users enjoy a three-dimensional frequency range. The enhancement of sounds whether these are high pitched or low edge tones, encourage the equilibrium and extension of sounds that finish with an optimal crystal clear edge. With a price tag of $14,995.00, the Lux headphones come set with a waterproof protective case and built-in microphone that facilitates hands free usage.    

Micro Moments- Digital Purchasing Decisions Latest Sale Week 11032019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Business Directory with a focus on micro moments- digital purchasing decisions as part of the Multimedia and Digital category. Micro moments relates to the customer journey whereby they can expect to achieve an immediate response to their questions. Accessing micro moments ensures that customer shopper insight data is accessed more readily. A buying decision can be greatly improved when specific questions or concerns are addressed. For example, Quora is a question and answer website whereby anyone with an account can ask a question to users on almost any topic. A consumer who wishes to decorate their home and wonders what the latest interior design trends are or the best multimedia and digital devices to buy for…

Minimalist speakers are Soundbars, Latest Sale Week 14012019

This week Latest Sale covers the topic minimalist speakers are Soundbars, as part of the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory. Soundbar speakers are a popular choice for those seeking a minimalist, contemporary design for both music and home cinema entertainment. The use of additional speakers has extended from music to home entertainment equipment such as television sets due to their streamlined design that enjoy the benefits of being contemporary in style but also have the disadvantage of not performing well acoustically. Digital equipment with built-in speakers in need of enhancement can now be twinned with soundbars. The flexibility of soundbars means that they can be placed on the wall or in front of a TV screen. Discerning shoppers can select from a variety of brands…

Joyous Headphones: Sennheiser, Beats or Bose Latest Sale Week 19112018

This week, Latest Sale explores ‘Joyous Headphones: Sennheiser, Beats or Bose’ in the Multimedia and Digital category of our luxury Business Directory. Deciding between the top 3 headphone brands is subjective and depends entirely on personal preferences and budget. Sennheiser features the widest selection of headphones, ranging from affordable functional options to high-end, feature-heavy headphones that cost up to $1,700. Sennheiser offers the best value for money of the three. Beats headphones place a stronger emphasis on bass. They are great for bass-heavy music but can distort sound quality for some music genres. The headphones also have a tendency to leak sound. Consider these limitations before choosing Beats products. Bose headphones come with a noise cancellation feature in addition to very low sound leakage. Bose…

2018 Trends in Multimedia, Latest Sale Week 24092018

This week Latest Sale gives its perspective on 2018 trends in multimedia, as part of the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory. The rapid proliferation of smart mobile devices has coincided with the exponential growth of streaming videos. As a result, traditional pay TV is now seeing steady decline. US households are now increasingly subscribing to streaming video in lieu of cable TV. Video streaming services allow users to view their favourite video content on the go. Subscribers can enjoy much higher flexibility and greater personalization with live streaming media. With these advantages, video streaming services will become the mainstay sooner than one can imagine.    

Multimedia in-wall speakers Latest Sale Week 30072018

This week Latest Sale reports from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory with a focus on wireless technology. The Sonos system of wireless speakers are adapted to the user’s environment. With the aim to address the needs of clients who require minimalist interiors, Sonos speakers have been especially designed to fit in walls or even on ceilings. With greater streaming support than competitors such as Bose SoundTouch, the Sonos Controller System facilitates easy integration of music streaming services offered by Apple and others. As Sonos speakers are not Bluetooth enabled, all that is required is a WIFI connection via a router or eternet connection cable for broadband connection. As well as offering customers with designs for ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers, the Sonos product range…

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