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“The Grass is always Browner” Marc Andreessen, by Latest Sale

Whenever you think you have purchased that great product, you almost wish you had stuck to your gut feeling. Abstract art limited edition prints by Ali Jabbar are a sure crowd pleaser. Never one to disappoint, Latest Sale sources enigmatic abstract art limited edition prints that stand the test of time. Marc Andreessen once said, “The grass is always browner,” and so when sourcing fine art that is truly mesmerising, take Marc’s advice before you look for so-called greener pastures. A Latest Sale firm favourite, abstract art limited edition prints by Ali Jabbar include the captivating Absolute Expansion. Expand your mind with a special abstract art print that holds an enigmatic glow. Just as the adjacent buildings in this painting expand with boundless energy, its…

Latest Sale motto, I design dreams- Ralph Lauren

What is a dream and how can it enter our subconscious? “I design dreams” is a famous Ralph Lauren quote that Latest Sale holds dear as we source the most desirable abstract art limited edition prints that are made of dreams. And so we instill our dreams into a fashionable  Ali Jabbar painting, “Evening at the Door:” This abstract art painting is an expression of the short time spent at home, lost in thought, instilling desire to go out and explore the night’s lights, excitement and coincidences. Clothing worn by the subject of the painting represents the owner’s true identity.

To be truly satisfied is to do great work- Steve Jobs

Abstract art limited edition prints are taken from the original canvas painting to create a perfect rendition of an already perfect painting. Steve Jobs once said, “To be truly satisfied is to do great work” and certainly Latest Sale holds this motto dear to our hearts whenever we create abstract art limited edition prints for our customers. At Latest Sale we showcase a range of  Ali Jabbar’s, abstract art limited edition prints including At Sunset. With abstract art limited edition prints created from enigmatic paintings such as At Sunset, we showcase how the painting displays the peculiar feelings concerning night and day and the first signs of humanity. Any aficionado of abstract art limited edition prints such as At Sunset only make one feel closer to nature.

Why buy Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints by Latest Sale

Latest Sale is often asked, why buy abstract art limited edition prints? Limited edition prints are often sought for by art lovers for two reasons; Limited edition prints retain the integrity of the artist as the print is a limited edition. If an art collector purchases abstract art limited edition prints, he or she will be encouraged by the fact that the print is a limited edition. This means that as only a specific quantity of limited edition prints are reproduced, the residual value of the limited edition print is therefore retained. Limited edition prints are for the most part numbered. If only 100 reproductions are made, each print will be numbered as 1/ 100 or 4/100. 1/100 means edition one of 100. 4/100 means edition…

Ben Oakley Street Art, Limited Edition Prints Wishlist, by Latest Sale

Today’s Latest Sale discovery features a street art classic from one of the most well-known urban artists to date – Ben Oakley. Located in London, the Ben Oakley Gallery has always inspired and captivated audiences with determined art collections that are edgy with a focused purpose. We especially love all work seen at his solo exhibition “It’s the Least I Could Do” from June 20th-July 5th 2015.  We spotted the enigmatic piece “Orange Soul Sister.” This is the art piece of the month that the Latest Sale team wishes that Ben Oakley would create as Limited Edition Prints.   Street Art image courtesy of  

Fine Art Is….Absolute Expansion for your Living room, Ali Jabbar

Latest Sale uncovers this masterful Ali Jabbar painting Absolute Expansion that demonstrates how a group of adjacent buildings expand in a triangular manner; an expansion that is boundless and limitless. The painting depicts how once a triangle is created, it can develop into a world of triangles of any composition.  Available as abstract art limited edition prints as well as art posters, art lovers can enjoy the synergy of beautifully shaped objects as used by the Greek scientist Pythagoras and by rulers of all Egyptian dynasties; the Pharaohs. Using clear, sky blue tones, this bright painting is a perfect contrast to darker coloured pieces of furniture or wall covers. Style with contrasts of deep blue, fushcia or orange to create a warm glow in the home.    

Latest Sale Week 30032015, Royal Academy of Arts, Richard Diebenkon

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the Business Directory. This week we report on the Cultural Institutions category with a focus on Fine Art Institutions. Revered as one of the great post-war abstract artists, Richard Diebenkorn is an independent artist who brought back abstraction and figuration techniques into his paintings. Diebenkorn was dubbed as one of America’s “finest abstract painters” and for the first time in two decades, his paintings will be exhibited to a UK audience at the Royal Academy of Arts. Fifty of Diebenkorn’s pieces have been carefully selected and curated to instill a superb reflection of the three distinct periods of the artist’s creative output. The first part of the exhibition showcases the artist’s initial experiments with abstraction from…

Latest Sale Week 23022015, Le Grand Canal sells for $35.6m

Latest Sale continues to report luxury findings and news from the Business Directory. This week we focus on Fine Art and the sale of Claude Monet’s 1908 painting “Le Grand Canal showcasing the Venetian waterscape.” The sale of this iconic 73cm x 72cm oil on canvas painting sold at Sotheby’s Impressionist, Modern Art and Surrealist Auction held in London on Tuesday evening 3rd February 2015 reached $35.6M (£23.7m). The painter of light’s work with dynamic, animated views of Santa Maria della Salute had previously been on loan from the National Portrait Gallery in London for eight years since 2006 is the highest price paid ever for a Monet Venice view series painting. This infamous painting is filled with nuances of the ‘air’, or what he called ‘the envelope’ –…

Ali Jabbar, Abstract Art Video Stars, Still and Full, West Coast jazz

Still and Full is the opening masterpiece for Ali Jabbar’s Fine art video developed by the Marketing team, showcasing his abstract art collection now available as Limited Edition Prints and high quality FineAbstract Art Posters. Tranquillity, waiting and longing typify this fine artist’s work, with his artistic endeavours now accompanied with a cool jazzy beat, reminiscent of West Coast Pacific Highway ocean drives. Vivid contrasts open up the dialogue for abstract art, its challenges and joyous exuberance as artistic endeavours are displayed in a vast array of room settings; abstract art in the living room, the office and open spaces. Limited Edition Abstract Art Prints and high quality Fine Abstract Art Posters are now available for this talented fine artist Ali Jabbar, who consistently pushes boundaries…

Fine Art self-portraits from genius beginnings

Fine Art Self-portraits from genius beginnings; Marie-Denise Villers, Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Giorgione, Sandro Botticelli, Peter de Hooch, Johannes Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci. Latest Sale highlights numerous portraits that, for one or more reasons, have been suggested to be presumed, probable or possible self-portraits of artists for whom there is a shortage of definitive proof to the contrary. Self portraits are known to capture the haunting gaze of the subject that may display a distant, intensely focused overtone that is almost trance-like.   (Images: Marie-Denise Villers, Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Giorgione, Sandro Botticelli, Peter de Hooch, Johannes Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci)  

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