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Archives for January 2019

How men’s stainless steel jewellery compliments formal attire

How men’s stainless steel jewellery compliments formal attire is highlighted through Fire Steel design trends and product offerings. From men’s stainless steel pendants, cufflinks or men’s stainless steel rings, a robust set of jewellery options ensures the wearer need not fear how to accessorize for formal events. Whether these be formal events or weddings, racing…

Aquamarine Bridal Jewellery Harnesses the Soothing Spirit of the Ocean

Aquamarine bridal jewellery harnesses the soothing spirit of the ocean. Brides having a spring seaside wedding can wear the Destino Jewellery Aquamarine Cross Your Heart Necklace with Diamonds. The sophisticated necklace features a lovely light bluish gemstone secured by two 14k white gold bands with the two white gold bands overlapped at the top, with…

Reviewing quotations from Photographers Latest Sale Week 21012019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Photography Business Directory, covering a popular topic; reviewing quotations from Photographers. The ease of acquiring photographic equipment and even multi device objects such as Smartphones ensure that taking photography is made ever more accessible. Hobbyists may not always monetize their photography for sale preferring to enjoy their hobby…

Black Diamond Earrings Sourced from Socially Aware Mines

Gemstone jewellery designers who create black diamond earrings sourced from socially aware mines are dedicated to reflecting the needs of conscientious consumers. Ethical black diamonds are diamonds sourced from mines that treat their workers fairly and produce them using methods with the least environmental impact taken into account. The Destino Jewellery team understands the concerns…

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