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Home / Fine Art / Is it worth buying abstract art limited edition prints?

Is it worth buying abstract art limited edition prints?

Is it worth buying abstract art limited edition prints? Art collectors who are more accustomed to buying original canvas artwork are increasingly investing in abstract art limited edition prints. This is due to its intrinsic value with some abstract art limited edition prints valued at in excess of seven figures at well known auctions.


Famous original prints with high value- Pablo Picasso ”Le repas frugal”

Examples of highly priced original prints include The Frugal Repas (“Le repas frugal”) by impressionist artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) sold for GBP 1,945,250 in 2012 at auction house Christie’s London. The value of this original Impressionist print is second to none as it is believed to be one of the first original prints ever created by Pablo Picasso during his early career when he was just 23 year’s old. A key factor that affects price is the fact that “Le repas frugal is both signed and dated by Pablo Picasso in December 1904.


Advantage of buying abstract art limited edition prints

The advantage of buying abstract art limited edition prints is that it offers art collectors and residential and commercial property owners with the opportunity to acquire works of fine art from well-known artists at a more accessible price point.