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Hypoallergenic earrings always turn heads no matter the colour

Hypoallergenic earrings always turn heads no matter the colour tone, shape or size. There is no need to worry about glamorous styles not being compatible with your sensitive ears as stainless steel is nickel compliant and therefore a perfect choice for women who do not wish to compromise on style. Explore Fire Steel hoop earrings and dangle earrings in PVD rose gold and PVD yellow gold. Alternatively, select the classic silver toned stainless steel variants encompassing delightful jewellery accessory lines encrusted with clear crystals and other enigmatic materials including Murano glass and leather. Be forever inspired by a dedicated product design team that constantly seeks new ways to ensure you look fabulous at all times.    

Is handmade jewellery made from sterling silver?

Is handmade jewellery made form sterling silver? Well that all depends on the collection and the designer. The Destino Jewellery collection incorporates a range of handmade creations such as Murano glass earrings made with precious metals including sterling silver. The copper jewellery range also enjoys precision designs with a touch of sterling silver. Perfect for those with sensitive ears, much of the handmade copper earrings range is designed using sterling silver earwires. It is most likely that the simplest of designs are made with 925 sterling silver however increasingly even for handmade collections, some unique pieces with one off, intricate designs using precious stones are developed.    

Ever thought about starting a gold plated earrings collection?

Have you ever thought about starting a gold plated earrings collection? The best part of such an endeavour is collating invitations and managing your diary of activities alongside the most exhilarating jewellery accessories styles of the year. The beauty of Bijoux Oui is collectors can amass an infusion of design delights. Select large hoop or disc shaped earrings. Go one step further with pastel coloured earrings adorned in gold plated finishings and maximize to perfection the potential of the impact you will have on passersby. Accessorize to the max and catalogue your favourite outfits against your spectacular pair of earrings.

Statement earrings you can wear on your next date

Jewellery is the best way to make an impression, and we bring you our top picks of statement earrings you can wear on your next date. The first, most obvious pick is hoops. You can never go wrong with a pair of round hoop earrings. The simple design is classy and complements almost any outfit. And then there are dangle earrings to consider. These are available in various shapes and patterns, from slim, elegant lines to more daring and eye-catching options. But if you’re planning to make a bold impression, a colourful pair of tassel earrings is the way to go.

Stainless steel jewellery inspirations thrive

Stainless steel jewellery inspirations thrive thanks to the Fire Steel product design team who create compelling jewellery designs for both men and women. Highlights include captivating pendants, rings and chains for men and bangles, bracelets and statement earrings for women. For special occasions, formal attire sits well with this range of jewellery delights that is not only hypoallergenic but also is able to deliver a tarnish free solution for jewellery wearers seeking a long lasting, robust, alternative metal to 925 sterling silver. Wear Fire Steel accessories as a member of the bridal party from the groom, bride, and bridesmaid to the Matron of Honour.

Stride to the top with copper earrings

Stride to the top with copper earrings from Destino Jewellery. A brilliant shine and even tones personifies this collection. Easy to maintain, copper jewellery can be cared for with a simple polish using a non abrasive jewellery cleaning cloth. All it takes to keep copper earrings in tip top condition is a gentle wipe to remove fingerprint marks or minor stains. The collection highlights your glamorous side with statement earrings in abundance. Choose from designs inspired by nature such as leaf shaped dangle earrings or be bold and select medium sized zebra hoops with reddish/ golden laquered copper wiring, intertwined against bronze toned copper earrings. Dazzle in the night with these stunning beauties and dance the night away in true style as your enigmatic personality…

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery highlights

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery highlights include Museum quality organic gemstones in various colours. The Destino Jewellery range specializes in lime green and sunshine yellow colour tones that are befitting of discerning women who choose elegant, minimalist styles for their jewellery accessories. For well attended events and retreats, wear amber earrings all year round with lime green amber earrings, the perfect match for a smart white linen tunic and matching trousers at a work meeting during the spring or summer months. Brighten up a grey suit during the winter season with smooth cut sunshine yellow amber earrings, smooth to the touch and brimming with optimism.  

Buying sterling silver earrings with gemstones

Buying sterling silver earrings with gemstones is an ever more popular trend for jewellery wearers seeking more popular seeking trendsetting styles and unique pieces. 925 sterling silver is a fairly flexible metal so can easily be shaped into some exciting styles. Equally, certain gemstones of varying sizes may be suitable for sterling silver settings. These include citrine, amethyst and turquoise. Using this precious metal is considerably more affordable than 14k white gold, whilst the appearance of the earrings will take on a similar colour tone. Select sterling silver if your gemstone selection is semi precious or if you are looking for an accessibly priced variant.  

If bridal jewellery ever had a voice it is on your wedding day

If bridal jewellery ever had a voice it is on your wedding day. With glorious creations from Destino Jewellery, your personified elegance will reach new heights. Be bold and exclusive with sapphire jewellery sets or embrace the charm of ruby jewellery sets. Depending on your jewellery accessories, budget and the colour theme of your wedding, you may wish to explore other gemstone jewellery including citrine for yellow themes and amethyst and tanzanite jewellery for wedding themes focused on the colour purple. Communicate your natural style and elegance to your admiring guests as they watch you glide across the dance floor in swanlike fashion.  

There are so many ways to care for costume jewellery

There are so many ways to care for costume jewellery but for sure one of the key recommendations from the Bijoux Oui team is to retain your jewellery piece in a protective jewellery box. Some wearers may use a jewellery pouch to store their jewellery which is fine, however the Bijoux Oui collection is fully protected with a designer jewellery box used for each and every piece. In the same way that a jewellery pouch can offer protection, ensuring your jewellery is not overly exposed to sunlight, a jewellery box offers the same protection plus the added benefit of safeguarding delicate pieces that may otherwise be at risk of being broken. Imagine a fragile costume jewellery piece with cubic zirconia settings. This jewellery piece would…

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