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Gowns to wear with black diamond earrings

Gowns to wear with black diamond earrings include a gothic inspired black dress or a sultry, deep red off-the-shoulder satin gown with a simple twist of the fabric in the shape of a rose on the right hand side hip. With such a design, a classic pair of earrings with a single black diamond is recommended. For gowns with no floral cuts and simple streamlined designs, try a pair of Destino Jewellery cluster black diamond earrings. Their intricate design will add a touch of detailed class to your gown and ensure it is suitably optimized. For best effects, select a black or royal blue gown. The Destino Jewellery black diamond earrings collection is delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.This collection is typically…

Your favourite amber earrings

Your favourite amber earrings are more likely to derive from the Baltic amber sterling jewellery collection for Destino Jewellery. Popular due to their natural colouring, the range is sold in lime green and yellow tones. All amber earrings are set in precious metals, predominantly 925 sterling silver so they are perfect for those with sensitive ears as well as wearers who seek optimum style and quality. Wear your favourite earrings with your most prized outfits, from a white linen suit to a black tunic with matching trousers. Such a versatile collection of fine jewellery can only be admired by all who wish to grace their special occasion with easy to wear earrings known for their classy refinement.  

Choosing three outfits to wear with stainless steel earrings

Choosing three outfits to wear with stainless steel earrings is easy thanks to Fire Steel. First you should separate your fashion lines into casual, themed and formal wear for maximum effect. For casual attire, look out for classic designs such as stud earrings with a single black cubic zirconia stone, or other intrinsic designs in silver toned stainless steel such as knot earrings. Fine tune your formal attire to perfection by selecting from the PVD gold or PVD rose gold collections. With the same beneficial properties of traditional silver toned stainless steel jewellery, these variants add a touch of finesse to evening gowns in a variety of colours from black and red to violet and electric blue. For themed attire, choose earrings that dazzle and…

Crystalize your thoughts with fine jewellery that inspires

Crystalize your thoughts with fine jewellery that inspires. Choose the perfect attire and accessorize with stunning pieces from the exquisite Destino Jewellery collection. For casual trends, select a classic, simple pair of stud earrings perfect for spring retreats or a dress down day at the office. Next, look for inspiration with an exotic pair of gemstone earrings, taking your desire for exclusivity to new and dizzying heights. Select a dazzling pair of tanzanite earrings and impress your guests as you host your first dinner party. Pair your exquisite accessories with a fluffy white cashmere sweater, blending sophisticated charm with sheer elegance.  

Hypoallergenic earrings put you one step ahead of your peers

Hypoallergenic earrings put you one step ahead of your peers thanks to the inspiring designs from Fire Steel. You no longer have to worry about sensitive ears and for a long day, choose Fire Steel as part of your bridal jewellery collections. An accessibly priced collection, ensure your bridesmaids wear huggies that are comfortable and easy to wear. Choose from a range of colour tones and finishings, from plain to crystalized huggies and if your wedding theme is blue, match up in smart baby blue crystal huggies. The brilliant shine of these stainless steel earrings ensures that your bridal party looks its very best throughout the day.    

How exciting is handmade jewellery?

How exciting is handmade jewellery? With competing accessory lines including fine jewellery and value based fashion jewellery, price ranges often sit in between depending on whether the jewellery pieces are created using precious metals or alternative metals. Handmade jewellery is highly flexible with casual trends using beaded jewellery or alternative metals with eclectic styles in copper and bronze increasingly popular. Alternative metals offer variation in design that their precious metal counterparts cannot offer, whilst still being a flexible choice for intrinsic finishings that often give the appearance of traditional precious metals. Try copper jewellery as an alternative to 14k yellow gold and titanium as an alternative to 925 sterling silver.

Can gold plated earrings be placed in water?

Jewellery wearers seeking tarnish free jewellery may ask, “Can gold plated earrings be placed in water?” It would not be wise to soak gold plated jewellery in water. In fact, the less exposure to liquid particles including aerosols, the better. Costume jewellery is known for its affordability and exciting designs, and combining these two sales points means some level of compromise is necessary. Special care must be taken, not only to ensure the fashion jewellery piece is not over exposed to water but is also kept in a cool dry location, preferably a jewellery box. Regular cleaning with a cloth is also helpful. Fashion jewellery is not destined to last forever so make the most of your earrings and do all you can to ensure…

Statement earrings invigorate wardrobes

Statement earrings invigorate wardrobes by adding a touch of confident glamour to any attire. For both casual or formal wear, the Destino Jewellery collection offers a range of delightful boldly beautiful creations. Choose large earrings, dangle earrings or large hoop earrings and make the maximum impact with streamlined, minimalist outfits. Rock your world and that of those around you with Fire Steel. Wear a chic pair of black leather pants with a cropped black sparkling top and add rigour to your style with stainless steel earrings. Select from a wide range of exhilarating styles, from cute huggies and large hoop earrings in traditional silver toned stainless steel to dangle earrings set in PVD yellow gold stainless steel and PVD rose gold stainless steel.

Stainless steel jewellery for him and for her

Stainless steel jewellery for him and for her is the essence of Fire Steel. For men, select elegant cufflinks for formal occasions along with a variety of chains. For women, an inspiring collection of statement earrings awaits in some exciting colours, shapes and sizes. Original shapes and sizes may not be too surprising but yes, that is correct, did you know that the Fire Steel collection is also available in a range of colour tones? Stainless steel is a flexible metal that, thanks to the specialist PVD coating technique that Fire Steel product designers have mastered, stainless steel jewellery pieces can also be finished in rose gold and yellow gold tones. This gives even more choice each and every time to buyers who relish the…

Copper earrings always turn heads

Copper earrings always turn heads so take a look at the inspiring Destino Jewellery range that is the talk of the town. The reddish golden shine of the collection moves customers in ways no other handmade jewellery collection could. Be bold and stay beautiful with statement earrings including large hoop earrings and elegant dangle earrings. Ensure that you are one step ahead of your peers and that you look fabulous each and every time. Select intrinsically designed jewellery pieces or be as bold as you can with donut inspired copper earrings. Take a piece of nature with you and be sure in the knowledge that with this handmade jewellery collection, no two designs are the same. Your piece is truly unique, just like you, so…

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