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Bridal jewellery crosses borders with opal jewellery

Bridal jewellery crosses borders with opal jewellery generating surprises thanks to diamond shaped earrings available with a matching pendant. Opal gemstones derive from is said to be influenced by spirituality and though to moderate imbalances in the body. They are also symbolized by hope purity and truth. So, explore the Destino Jewellery line that is available with the click of a button. Create a peach-coloured theme for your special day with peach roses decorating the church and a focal point for the bride whose bouquet should be the same colour. Pair these fine jewellery delights with a smooth satin gown. Ensure your bridal party is wearing a similar colour tone such as matching bridesmaid’s dresses in peach to complete the look.    

Summer costume jewellery highlights include crystal jewellery

Summer costume jewellery highlights include crystal jewellery that sparkles in the bright sunshine. The flexibility of the non-precious metals used to create fashion jewellery including silver plated jewellery and gold plated jewellery ensure that tantalizing crystals can dangle freely from each piece. Crystals can be encrusted on large earrings or necklaces to create jewellery sets with a difference. All the colours of the rainbow are available with most collections including that of Bijoux Oui. Do not compromise on how varied your accessories line can be and how it can be used to reflect alternating colours according to your mood or attire. You may decide casual attire looks best with pastel colours such as pale yellow, light blue or pink. For evening social gatherings, dark coloured…

One-of-a-kind bridal jewellery

One-of-a-kind bridal jewellery gives every bride-to-be who wishes to glow with distinctive style and edge the opportunity to impress guests and the groom. Embrace the Destino Jewellery range of fine jewellery delights. For coloured themed weddings, select sapphire jewellery sets and coordinate with bouquets of fragrant lilies or hydrangeas. Stun your audience during the wedding ceremony as well as throughout your evening celebration when the changeover of the gown takes place. Wear this bold gemstone throughout your special day and be sure in the knowledge that you will dance the night away in true exuberant style. The Destino Jewellery accessories line is delivered in a white leatherette designer jewellery box.  

No two amber earrings are the same

No two amber earrings are the same thanks to the enigmatic range of Destino Jewellery fine jewellery. Handmade to perfection, each piece is delicately assembled with you in mind. Select a joyful design such as that found in sunshine yellow amber earrings, in the shape of a half moon. Set in 925 sterling silver, wearers can be sure in the knowledge that delicate ears remain unharmed. Sterling silver and any other precious metal is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive ears, and the affordable pricing that organic gemstones such as amber enjoys ensures that these treasures are truly accessible to fashionable women everywhere.

Better styles with stainless steel earrings

Better styles with stainless steel earrings prevail thanks to the delightful creations that personify the Fire Steel jewellery collection. From statement earrings to everyday earrings, a versatile collection awaits all those who wish to make an impact. A toned-down style is perfect for professional outings whilst bold designs are sure to turn heads, with hoop earrings and dangle earrings making a regular appearance to the range. Delivered in a black designer jewellery box, be sure to keep your earrings secure so that they do not tarnish. Polish regularly with a non abrasive cloth and when not in use, place them in the jewellery box they pertain to.      

Fine jewellery delights a new generation

Fine jewellery delights a new generation of aspiring fashionistas keen to adopt trendsetting styles whilst retaining an aura of finesse and exclusivity. Wear Destino Jewellery dangle earrings inspired by natural earthy tones. Select honeycomb coloured topaz jewellery for the autumn and winter months and change to blue topaz jewellery as the spring/summer season approaches. A sprinkle of topaz brings a shiny light to your day, as it adds a touch of glamour to your outfit and natural style. Be unique and make a statement with blue topaz jewellery sets encrusted with crystal clear diamonds and set with 14k white gold.  

Where passion goes, hypoallergenic earrings follow

Where passion goes, hypoallergenic earrings follow. There is never a dull moment thanks to Fire Steel whose designers are committed to creating exhilarating jewellery accessories for a fashion conscious generation of eco warriors. From exciting PVD gold plating, to conventional silver toned jewellery, the Fire Steel marque adapts not only to fashion trends but also to sensitive skin. An accessibly priced jewellery line with a difference, enjoy wearing a wide selection of styles and colours without worrying about an allergic skin reaction. Protect the natural shine of your tarnish free earrings by keeping them in the original black leatherette designer jewellery box they were delivered in when not in use.  

Best in Class Handmade jewellery

Best in class handmade jewellery can manifest itself in various shapes, materials and sizes. Necklaces offer more flexible opportunities to experiment with a wide range of materials from bronze finishings, handmade beaded necklaces or pearl jewellery sets. Inspirational pieces created from precious metals such as 925 sterling silver opens doors to designers and their wearers to fine tune their sustainability credentials. These include designs such as the Destino Jewellery and sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery collection as well as the copper jewellery alternative to yellow gold jewellery. Handmade earrings may not offer the same level of elasticity in terms of materials used, but creations can be developed to incorporate sterling silver earwires for sensitive ears alongside non precious metal materials. Some styles of precious metals…

The whereabouts of gold plated earrings

The whereabouts of gold plated earrings can easily be found on the ears of women who seek the hottest trends that Bijoux Oui has to offer. From hoop earrings to dangle earrings, explore the collection and gravitate towards the styles that suit your personality and reflect your inner desires. Wear your costume jewellery with your funky wardrobe and ensure your party comes to life. Whether you have an outgoing personality that would suit more vibrant jewellery designs, or your personality is more discerning, the Bijoux Oui collection offers the perfect jewellery accessories solution for women who want the very best.  

There are two ways to wear statement earrings  

There are two ways to wear statement earrings whilst retaining a refined look. Watch out for minimalist creations from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. Select medium sized 925 sterling siver hoop earrings that represent impactful simplicity. Go one step further with precious metal inspirations incorporating the delights of delicate gemstones. Perfect for evening events and the most elegant of attire, treat yourself to gemstone jewellery that catches the eye each and every time. Make an entrance with black diamond jewellery, ruby jewellery or even sapphire jewellery available as diamond and sapphire jewellery sets. The Destino Jewellery collection is delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.    

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