Medical technology has come a long way in treating mental health issues. But what role do the investors play in all of this? This “Your Voice is Amplified” podcast episode summarizes how investors have impacted medical technology and how investment in this area can help treat prevailing depressive disorders on a global level.

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Currently, the market value of the medical device market is $432 billion at a global level. It is forecasted to soar even higher and reach almost $657 billion by 2028. The market growth is not surprising given how fast the world’s needs are changing and the rapid spike in mental illnesses.

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The US is currently lagging in this regard as was only granted the funds for its first psilocybin clinical trial in 2021. On the other hand, Australia has already invested more than $3 million to study the effects of these trials.

The most significant achievement to date for investment in psilocybin trials has been made by Compass Pathways, the UK-based pharmaceutical company that received a massive fund worth $80 million from a range of investors.

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