The Health Equalities Programme launches with the Your Voice is Amplified podcast series that covers “A World Without Antibiotics: The Race towards Vaccinations.” Are the rumours surrounding Covid-19 vaccines true? Who are the key funders of R&D, and what is their role in improving healthcare facilities in the post-pandemic era? As usual, we have split this subject area into three parts; the science, the technology, and the investors. This first episode in the series covering the Science gives and introductory overview of this topic.

Skip to: 00:06 Covid-19 vaccination rumours

With this podcast series sponsored by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in conunctoin with the Portobello Business Centre, we are reporting from Kensington, London, specifically. The UK is officially open for business following the Covid-19 pandemic! The newly created £18.8 billion Elizabeth tube line is open and serves 41 new and refurbished stations crossing the capital from the suburbs of London from the east of the capital in Abbey Wood and Shenfield to the west of the capital towards London’s Paddington station, Heathrow airport and the suburb of Reading. As vaccinations continue their rollout and increased importance following Covid-19, we look at the safety aspects in play and trending diagnostics methodology for vaccinations.

Skip to: 02:15 Will parents give a Covid-19 vaccine to kids under 10 years’ old? 

We speak to residents within the Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea to understand how they are feeling about vaccinations and the issue of trust. Considering that almost 1,500 children aged 17 or younger have lost their lives to covid-19 and more than 45,000 children younger than 5 years have been admitted to hospital for the same reason, with more than 1,550 deaths only in the UK, we explore whether Mothers with children under 10 years’ old would consider giving their child a vaccine jab.


Join Limited as we participate in the Health Equalities Programme 2022. Who are we? An entrepreneurial collective specializing in the creative services sector and the luxury hospitality, travel, and leisure industry. Technology is a huge subject area within the creative sector, and we focus on eight categories within, with Medical Technology just one of eight segments we cover.  We also touch upon the RBKC as a potential economic centre and powerhouse for Medical Technology start ups and programmes by digging deep into the topic “A World Without Antibiotics: The Race Towards Vaccinations.”  We will also explore the impact of wearable technology on vaccine uptake and the role of investors, research centres and Universities such as the Royal borough’s Imperial College in all of this.

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