The third part of this sponsored podcast series as part of the Health Equalities Programme: COVID-19 THE INVESTORS,  A World Without Antibiotics: The Race towards Vaccinations has reached its summit. We explore; the role of investors in the MedTech sector during the roll out of vaccinations.


Skip to: 00:06 The role of investors in vaccination roll outs.

We explain the difference between biotechnology and genetic engineering. Most of us often use these terms interchangeably, but they differ. For starters, genetic engineering is a branch of biotechnology that modifies the genes of living organisms, while biotechnology uses living organisms to benefit humanity.


Skip to: 03:15 Biotech market size and the investors that count.

The biotech market holds a net worth of $793.87 billion. The most prominent investors in this field include RA Capital Management and OrbiMed, which invested $6.1 billion and $6 billion in the R&D of pharmaceuticals relating to Covid-19, which, of course, included vaccines, with the aim of influencing vaccine uptake to reach the target of getting at least 70% of the population in each country vaccinated.


We also highlight the development cost in facilities with state-of-the-art technology equipped to develop vaccines for 100 million doses in one year ranging from between $0.15 to $0.30 per dose. We explain why and how investors are the key players that take on risks and influence vaccine development costs and their success.


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