We all know that transportation is an aspect of life we simply can’t live without. But almost 23% of the global greenhouse gas emissions come from the burning of fossil fuel, the primary source of power for most motor vehicles. We love our cars, they give us comfort and an element of prestige, but cars do not just reflect our superficial needs.

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Currently, 90% of road transportation relies on fossil fuels. Despite the many initiatives being taken to make greener modes of transport, such as electric vehicles, there’s still a long way to go until conventional fuels can be completely eliminated from the world.

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There are even claims in cases of the emission of high levels of toxins, that these can become the root cause of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. So, this is a question of the health and the wellbeing of your loved ones being protected adequately, as well as serving the environment safely. Once again another key issue is accessing these studies and data findings, making them mainstream so it is not just platforms like latestsale.com that have access to these medical studies.

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