brings you a series of podcast episodes as we officially launch the “Your Voice is Amplified” podcast from one of our flagship creative industry categories. Gain insights into the latest developments from the world of technology as we launch the MedTech podcast.

Eight Technology Sectors

Our podcast will cover eight technology sectors: MedTech, FinTech, Transportation, Tech Entertainment, Gaming, Digital Art, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Tech, and Venues for Work. We will provide in-depth insights into the industry drivers, innovations, and market trends for each sector backed by scientific research and evidence.

Since technology is constantly evolving, it is essential you stay up to date and informed about the latest trends and commentary, regardless of which technology sector you specialize in. Each topic of focus will include detailed discussions and question and answer sessions to address any potential queries you might have. Be it the creative sector, or the hospitality, travel and leisure industry; we will cover the topics you want to know more about and the questions you wish to pose to experts so that your voice is amplified through us.

Insightful Knowledge from Industry Leaders

As the creative and hospitality, travel and leisure sectors are increasingly impacted by technological advances, our podcasts will feature micro-influencers, industry leaders, and specialists in their field who will elaborate on the changing market conditions to help you understand which technologies are the ones to be on the lookout for and which startups will flourish in the upcoming years.


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