brings you news from the Your Voice is Amplified podcast, In the first of our technology podcast episodes, we focused on MedTech for the Hospitals of the Future series. We explored the effects of psilocybin drugs on mental illnesses.

Hospitals of the Future- Can Medical Devices and Psilocybin Treat Depression? 

This podcast episode features anonymous speakers, but if you concentrate hard enough, you will recognize the voices of well-known media and business personalities. The purpose of these sessions is to provide information regarding the science, the technology, and the investors of the psilocybin trials and the impact of these clinical trials on the healthcare industry as a whole.

The surge in cases of depression and other mental health disorders in the post-covid-19 era drives the need for drugs that can cure mental illnesses. Psilocybin is a new drug that has shown positive results in reducing depressive episodes in individuals. It is equally as effective as any other antidepressant, but the best part is that it comes without any severe adverse effects, unlike other medications. According to studies, medical devices alongside drugs helps elevate the healing process.

Key Investors of Psilocybin Trials

Though the MedTech global market continues to expand, the USA as of July 2022 is still far behind when it comes to investment in psilocybin trials, mainly because of constraints from federal law. However, the UK continues to support clinical trials. The most prominent example of the UK’s contribution is perhaps by way of funding from COMPASS Pathways for psilocybin clinical trials conducted by King’s College London, UK.


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