explores MedTech Investors: Psilocybin and the Rise of COMPASS PATHWAYS. We explore the impact of investors on medical technology with our insightful podcast “Your Voice is Amplified,” covering the theme “Hospitals of the Future”

The Importance of Medical Devices and Investors 

As seen in the psilocybin trials carried out by King’s College London, the use of medical devices helped create an environment for investors seeking new trends to capitalize on. With a booming global healthcare sector met with constant external challenges, investors are increasingly participating in opportunities that expand their existing investment portfolios.

So, what role do investors play here? You can determine that by studying the global worth of the MedTech sector. Currently, it stands at $432 billion, an enormous figure to say the least. The more money investors spend on medical devices, the more the industry grows, making treating diseases such as depression more effective alongside psilocybin drugs. But to implement these treatment plans for patients, studies are necessary, hence the increase in private investment initiatives.

Some Notable Stats

The astonishing breakthrough by COMPASS Pathways, a UK-based pharmaceutical company, is worth mentioning here, as it received nearly $80 million in funding from various investors for conducting psilocybin clinical trials. Moreover, Australia has invested almost $3 million in similar studies and trials. By 2028, the global net worth of the MedTech market is expected to reach $657 billion.


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