The role of technology in psilocybin trials for treatment of depression is crucial. explores how medical devices impact the results of these clinical trials led by King’s College London and brings you the facts from our podcast, “Your Voice is Amplified.”

Hospitals of the Future: Medical Devices for the Treatment of Depression

Covering “Hospitals of the Future,” let’s delve into the facts relating to technology. When it comes to the treatment of depression with psilocybin drugs, medical technology plays an essential part in elevating the drug’s effectiveness. The sole purpose of using these devices is to ensure the patients can focus on sessions without distractions.

Earplugs, eye coverings, and earphones were mainly used during trials. Depending on what patients feel most comfortable with, the devices can vary. However, out of all the devices, eye coverings proved to be the most effective because they block out light, which prevents distractions and promotes relaxation. Moreover, when sight is restricted, other senses are heightened, allowing the patients to experience the drug’s effects fully.

Is Technology the Key Player? 

The clinical trials at King’s College London, show promising results of psilocybin drugs and their efficacy rates. But is technology the key player in the outcome? It’s hard to make a definitive statement as not all participants followed through until the end of the clinical trials, yet technology is key in the sense that it aids with the healing process. However, that is not to say that technology or medical devices are the healers; they are just aids that lead to improved mental health. .


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