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Archives for May 2021

Social Media and Hospitality Reputation Latest Sale Week 31052021

As part of the Business Directory, Latest Sale reports on the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector and highlights social media and hospitality reputation management. Social media has become extremely important for managing high-end hotels’ reputations in the luxury hospitality sector during the first quarters of 2021. Leading luxury hotel brands including Ritz-Carlton, the Four Seasons,…

The changing aspects of hypoallergenic earrings

The changing aspects of hypoallergenic earrings cannot be mistaken. This flexible non precious metal is capable of creating exuberant styles using various colour variants. Design variations range from triple hoop earrings, huggies standard, large single hoop earrings, dangle earrings and other statement earrings that incorporate crystals or cubic zirconia stones within. Fire Steel creations enjoy…

Statement earrings can be timeless

Statement earrings can be timeless if you seek unique designs from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. Create a timeless impact with delicately styled tanzanite earrings. Their rarity will ensure that you mark your entrance to an exciting celebration in true style. Make an appearance to your event with an ivory coloured dress, be truly…

Choose stainless steel jewellery for men seeking smart accessories

Choose stainless steel jewellery for men seeking smart accessories with a difference. For casual retreats or professional work related settings select a simple men’s stainless steel bracelet from the Fire Steel collection as a semi  formal jewellery accessory that could be worn in place of a traditional wristwatch. For a totally informal outing, explore the…

Get the look you desire with Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery

Get the look you desire with sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery, holistic delights always captivating your heart and imagination. From moon shaped yellow amber earrings to butterfly shaped earrings using a combination of lime green amber and yellow amber, your choices are endless. Organic gemstones shed some light on the production issues faced by jewellery…

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