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Home / Sculpture Showcase Tips for Interior Design

Sculpture Showcase Tips for Interior Design

The Latest Sale team highlights sculpture showcase tips for interior design so that homeowners can display sculptures in their home correctly. Choose from classical, modern, realist, whimsical, and minimalist styles or combine two various styles. Homeowners can choose between subtle and small to large and bold pieces. If paired and arranged correctly, homeowners can enhance the room’s appeal and create a transformative effect with sculptures.

Homeowners who prefer contemporary and minimalist styles should consider abstract sculptures or sculptures with larger dimensions. Some sculptures feature matte or shiny surfaces whilst others feature clean lines. Buyers can choose from various materials including stainless steel, bronze, corten steel, and wooden sculptures. Sculpture buyers can also select the type of sculpture they desire based on their in-room interiors. Marble sculptures complement contemporary themes while metal sculptures increase the aesthetics of the interior design.

For living room settings, homeowners can place sculptures between framed artwork and books. This ensures the entire layout and design of the living room is more intriguing.

Homeowners can reinvent current decorative elements in the room by adding sculptures in a layered fashion. Add them to ledges, side tables, and mantels or combine them with specific artwork.

Wall sculptures complement clean and contemporary interior design. Add them to create contrasting colour, dimensions, and textures. For white interiors, a wooden sculpture can add warmth and geometric dimension.

Homeowners can explore the world of sculptures to better understand how to incorporate them into their interior design. Sculptures are not limited to just one room but can be added to several rooms. Create a dramatic or subtle effect with sculptures and combine various sizes and materials together.


STYLE: Create a compelling theme.

TRANSFORM: Layer to change interior design.

ENHANCE: Add wall sculptures.