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Archives for Copper Earrings

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge- Ivana Trump

Latest Sale celebrates hairstyles of the greatest hairdressers of our time; Antoine de Paris (1884-1976), the first celebrity hairstylist who encouraged us to immerse ourselves in the redesigned short bob in 1909, styling Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel and Brigitte Bardot, and Kenneth (or Mr Kenneth Batelle), the first known celebrity hair stylist who styled Marilyn Monroe, Audrey…

Latest Sale motto, Looking good is the best revenge- Ivana Trump

To stand out in the crowd is to be believed. Latest Sale carries this motto through in the designs and curation of Destino Jewellery, copper earrings. “Looking good is the best revenge” so says Ivana Trump and with these delightful Destino Jewellery Handmade Copper Earrings you will wow any crowd of fashion revelers. Destino Jewellery, Handmade…

An environment where excellence is expected- Steve Jobs

Latest Sale, a true believer in all things organic supports handmade copper jewellery artisans from around the world in their quest to manufacture handmade copper earrings that we use for the Destino Jewellery, handmade copper earrings collection. “An environment where excellence is expected” is a famous Steve Jobs quote and the Latest Sale team lives by…

Destino Jewellery, Copper Earrings with Matches and Balenciaga

At Latest Sale, we love the April 2015 fashion insight post on Matchesfashion.com by Milan-based fashion blogger Patricia Manfield. Her 10 rules of style match perfectly with the handmade Destino Jewellery, copper earrings with sterling silver hooks. Copper Donut earrings from Destino Jewellery add a touch of dynamism to the Rules of style that include an…

Destino Jewellery, Copper Earrings arrive as Zebras

The mixture of jungle fever, tribal vibe, and ancient craftsmanship is what makes these handmade Destino Jewellery copper zebra hoop earrings as distinctive and intriguing as they are. What better way to express your individuality than by wearing Destino Jewellery, copper jewellery that exudes such a unique colour? Be one step ahead of your party companions! Match…

Destino Jewellery, Copper Earrings with a Vintage Twist

Copper Midnight swirl Vintage inspired teardrop earrings add a touch of class to any outfit. Express your love of vintage with these unique handmade copper earrings; Destino Jewellery, Midnight swirl teardrop earrings give your look a mystic touch. From the Destino Jewellery, handmade jewellery collection, their rare design and beautiful rustic colour are sure to reel in…

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