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The Future of Luxury High End Fashion, Latest Sale Week 12042021

This week Latest Sale reports on the future of luxury high end fashion and the trends to watch out for in 2021 from the fashion Business Directory. One of the most notable trends that are emerging and is expected to continue is the rise of sustainable fashion. As consumers become more aware of environmental issues, they are increasingly looking for fashionable items made from eco friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and even natural fibers such as linen or hemp. Fashion brands are responding with collections featuring environmentally friendly materials and production processes that reduce the carbon footprint of their garments. Additionally, ethical manufacturing practices are becoming more popular as consumers look for assurance that their clothes were made in fair working conditions…

Billie Eilish’s New Collection Latest Sale Week 15022021

This week Latestsale.com reports from the fashion Business Directory and covers Billie Ellish’s new collection. Alongside the premiere of her documentary, “The World’s a Little Blurry,” Billie Eilish is soon to launch a capsule collection of clothing. The new collection echoes Billie Eilish’s signature style, oversized and graphic heavy. The collection includes several tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and socks. Eilish announced the collection on Instagram and is well known for her style choices. She does not follow contemporary trends, instead paving her own way and dressing how she chooses. Her style typifies early 2000’s hip-hop culture. She is often found in baggy clothing herself, with matching tops and bottoms. Eilish has become a style icon in her own right, always challenging contemporary styles.    

The Bright Future of Sustainable Fashion, Latest Sale Week 21122020

The Latest Sale team uncovers the bright future of sustainable fashion. We are reporting from the Fashion Business Directory to highlight one of the most rapidly growing trends in the industry. Over the past years, the climate crisis has become the most pressing concern for consumers and brands worldwide. As a result, the industry has accelerated its implementation of sustainability and innovative solutions to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions. Today, many brands are using recyclable and biodegradable materials in their creations. The focus on sustainability has also shifted the conversation towards improving the working conditions of garment workers. With more and more designers advocating for eco-friendly materials and production methods, the future of sustainable fashion looks rather optimistic.    

Ganni and Levi’s Sustainable Jeans Latest Sale Week 26102020

This week Latest Sale reports from the Fashion Business Directory and covers Ganni and Levi’s sustainable jeans. Ganni and Levi’s have a new collaboration on the way; this is the second time the two brands have collaborated. The brands’ first collaboration launched in the summer of 2020 and featured an upcycled, rental only denim capsule. This time, the brands are launching an innovative eco-denim capsule collection. This new eco-denim material is made from cottonized hemp. Hemp requires less water and fewer pesticides than conventionally grown cotton. It is also sourced from rain-fed hemp crops, which adds to the sustainability equation even more. The collection will feature denim jeans and jackets. There is also a selection of shorts, dresses and tops on offer as part of…

Rock a Red Leather Jacket Multiple Times Latest Sale Week 31082020

This week Latest Sale discusses how to rock a red leather jacket multiple times stylishly for the Fashion Business Directory. Your leather jacket does not have to be traditional to look amazing. Channel your inner passion with a bold red leather jacket. Ladies, pair a flowy white blouse with bell sleeve design with a red leather jacket for an edgy rock ‘n’ roll yet romantic look. Or spice up your black floral dress with a red leather jacket, ankle boots with metallic details, and an oversized bag to finish the look. For bold fashionistas, dress your red leather jacket with a black top and a red midi A-line skirt. Wear it with delicate nude heel sandals and you are going to nail it. Finally, you…

Investing in High-quality Italian Fashion Latest Sale Week 06072020

This week Latest Sale highlights the importance of investing in high-quality Italian fashion for the Business Directory. Italian style is a sophisticated language. If you are a lover of luxury, Italian fashion is for you. Dress to impress with rich fabrics including cashmere, leather and silk and luxe cuts to ensure you look the part. Investing in Made in Italy high-quality pieces protects design values that cannot be replicated. Italian fashion embraces femininity which means accentuating the best assets of your figure in a way that ensures you look your very best. There is always room and place for a glammed up look in Italy from day to night such as the infamous Grand Canal.    

Sustainable Gender Neutral Fashion Latest Sale Week 11052020

This week Latest Sale explores sustainable gender neutral fashion for the Business Directory. These value-driven brands provide clothing options that can be used for multiple purposes. Boyfriend’s jeans is a trend that has been embraced for years but it is helpful to know that more and more brands seek to embrace the planet’s wellbeing. First on the list is Olderbrother, a conscious ethical apparel company focusing on naturally produced garments. They focus on unique dyes and pay attention to detail when utilizing sustainable materials. Kirrin Finch is another wonderful brand inspired by menswear and produces its garments exclusively in New York. In addition to fair labor practices, Kirrin Finch employs low-impact dye practices, natural fabrics, and organic materials. Last but not least is Riley Studio,…

Komodo Ethical, Sustainable Fashion Latest Sale Week 16032020

This week, Latest Sale covers Komodo ethical, sustainable fashion for the Business Directory. Established in 1988, Komodo is an eco-friendly and sustainable clothing company based in North London. The brand has established numerous fair trade policies, ranging from raw product suppliers right up to the sale of finished garments sold in stores. The company is GOTs certified thanks to its ethical and sustainable credentials from the bottom up. Most of the brand’s clothing line is 100% manufactured with vegan and organic materials. Komodo offers high-quality tasteful pieces that ensure wearers will not only make a fashion statement but will also reflect a solid ethical purchasing choice.   Image (Tiger rayon shawl coat and dust stone) courtesy of Komodo  

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020. This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and highlights Italian couture. Celebrated personalities often seek to wear an eminent Italian designer’s original creation to high profile events. This is evident from history. Jackie O wore a Valentino wedding dress whereas Marilyn Monroe wore shoes from Ferragamo. Italian designers have dominated the red carpet at events including the Oscars and Cannes for decades. Italian fashion first became well known in the 11th century, peaking during the European Renaissance period. Fashionable nobles and elites ruled the streets in elegant textiles, shoes, jewellery, and fabrics. The Italian Catherine de’ Medici, who later became the Queen of France, was the primary trendsetter of this time. Italian couture enjoyed…

West Side Story Fashion: Then vs. Now Latest Sale Week 25112019

The Business Directory team highlights West Side Story Fashion: Then vs. Now. Musical theatre enthusiasts will be familiar with the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story, the classic Romeo and Juliet styled musical retold through the lens of the 1950’s New York City street gangs. The importance of this movie has not only impacted the musical theatre world, but equally the fashion world. The boyish, street fashion style that many of the men in the movie wear is retro as it is timeless. Straight legged, cuffed jeans are current trendsetters, and this style is seen on most of the male characters. This look was chosen for the movie not only because it represented the fashion during the 1950’s, but also because they were easy…

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