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Archives for June 2019

Discover how art commissions can brighten your world

Discover how art commissions can brighten your world with inspiring fine artists who will create the final touches to your favourite room. From bedrooms to living room settings, art commissions can be well tailored to your needs and taste. Taking into consideration colour schemes and furnishing styles whether these be contemporary, vintage or art nouveau,…

Bridal jewellery that touches the soul

The Latest Sale fine jewellery team highlights bridal jewellery that touches the soul from traditional diamond jewellery to more exotic gemstones including rubies, emeralds and sapphires. An even more adventurous bride may even see pink opal jewellery as her perfect companion. Enigmatic and inspirational, Destino Jewellery bridal jewellery accessories are a well chosen match for…

Great hospitality is the serving platter Latest Sale Week 03062019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and looks at why great hospitality is the serving platter. The arrangement of the elements of gastronomy and the plate size used can create a positive or negative first impression. Food presentation enhances the taste of the food, as the senses perceive it to be tasty,…

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