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Archives for March 2020

Komodo Ethical, Sustainable Fashion Latest Sale Week 16032020

This week, Latest Sale covers Komodo ethical, sustainable fashion for the Business Directory. Established in 1988, Komodo is an eco-friendly and sustainable clothing company based in North London. The brand has established numerous fair trade policies, ranging from raw product suppliers right up to the sale of finished garments sold in stores. The company is…

Enhance Your Bohemian Style with Stunning Amber Earrings

Enhance your bohemian style with stunning amber earrings from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. The bohemian style often gravitates toward green, brown, orange and yellow colours that feel more natural. Uniquely designed, and colourful organic gemstone jewellery such as amber earrings are the perfect selection to achieve the look. Flowy dresses, tunics, long skirts…

Three Fine Jewellery Staples

We highlight three fine jewellery staples every woman should invest in. Hoop earrings are a style perennial and no jewellery collection is complete without at least one pair as they are remarkably versatile and chic. Second, a simple diamond necklace that complements every outfit is an elegant addition that brings the right amount of understated…

The Return of Train Travel Latest Sale Week 09032020

This week, Latest Sale discusses the return of train travel for the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory. For eco-conscious travellers, embarking on a journey by train, in most cases this method is one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation. More companies and travellers are embracing the convenience of travelling by train where…

Choose Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints for Your Office

 Choose abstract art limited edition prints for your office to enhance cohesiveness and productivity. Abstract art design elements such as line, colour, and shape can help tie the space and furnishings create a visual language for the room. The balanced visual theme will establish a welcoming atmosphere, drawing the viewer’s attention to the artwork. Abstract…

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