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Archives for 2020

Museum quality amber earrings

Museum quality amber earrings are so called due to their market value, authenticity and sizing. These organic gemstones enjoy a market value that reflects their heritage with the best, high quality pieces deriving from the Baltics. Wearers can finally enjoy large organic gemstones used to create chunky necklaces that have become increasingly popular. Amber earrings…

Marriott Capitalizing on Leisure Travel Latest Sale Week 14122020

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the hospitality, travel and leisure Business Directory and highlights Marriott capitalizing on leisure travel. While there has been a significant decline in travel since the pandemic started, businesses and hotels are expecting one category to lead a rebound in the travel industry – leisure. Seeking to capitalize…

Abstract art posters portray emotions and inner ideas

Abstract art posters portray emotions and inner ideas. Rather than being symbolic of something specific like some other art forms, abstract art opens your mind to new possibilities and explores different meanings. Regardless of the medium used, abstract art on posters encapsulates the artist’s vision and gives viewers an opportunity to understand the context. Simply…

Two ways to keep handmade jewellery in pristine condition

Two ways to keep handmade jewellery in pristine condition include storing them in a protective jewellery box and regularly cleaning them with a non abrasive cloth. Of course, these jewellery maintenance suggestions are not unique and depending on the settings, gemstones or materials used to create your jewellery piece, other jewellery care options may be…

The use of artificial intelligence Latest Sale Week 07122020

This week we report from the Technology Business Directory and discuss the year 2020 and how we will see the increased use of artificial intelligence to analyze interactions, create connections and bring insights to the forefront. Businesses will be able to use artificial intelligence to create holistic profiles of their consumers and generate activity online…

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