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Archives for 2021

Gold plated earrings reflects on a new generation of women  

Gold plated earrings reflects on a new generation of women who aspire to wear riveting jewellery accessories whilst protecting their sensitive earlobes. Although they are not hypoallergenic like stainless steel earrings, many varieties of costume jewellery are nickel compliant. This means that the levels of nickel in each jewellery piece are less likely to cause…

SimpliSafe Security System Reviewed Latest Sale Week 16082021

This week we report from the Telecommunications Business Directory and explore Simplisafe Security System Reviewed. SimpliSafe is a well-liked home security system that has received favourable user reviews consistently. Both homeowners and renters can use it because of the wireless, do-it-yourself installation technique that is available. The system consists of a base station, motion detectors,…

Review stainless steel jewellery trends, support a thriving industry

Review stainless steel jewellery trends, support a thriving industry of product designers dedicated to providing solutions to both men and women seeking a long-lasting alternative to precious metals such as 925 sterling silver or 14k white gold. Select from one of a kind Fine Steel creations such as Murano glass earrings or alternatively, select from…

Organic gemstones captured by sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery

Capitalize on the essence of natural beauty with organic gemstones captured by the sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery collection from Destino Jewellery. Take your passion for sustainability to another level by embracing a collection known to support local artisans. Handmade jewellery at its very best, this stunning line includes classically styled brooches and earrings…

Architect’s use of straw in construction Latest Sale Week 09082021

Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory and highlights a typical sustainable Architect’s use of straw in construction. Architects are increasingly utilizing straw in major construction projects thanks to the proliferation of sustainability efforts within the industry. STROHPLUS GMBH, founded by Jürgen Höller in 2012, constructs up to three-storey houses exclusively using load-bearing straw,…

Gracefulness encapsulated by sterling silver earrings

Gracefulness encapsulated by sterling silver earrings ensures that you shine and delight onlookers no matter the occasion. For formal settings such as boardroom presentations, consider onyx earrings that are suitable gemstones for 925 sterling silver metal settings. One formal suit or dress presents the perfect opportunity for these jewellery accessories to truly enter the limelight…

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