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Improve Teamwork Through Telecommunications Latest Sale Week 09112020

This week, the Latest Sale team reports from the Telecommunications Business Directory to discuss how organisations can improve teamwork through telecommunications. There is no place for silos in the modern business world. A growing number of organisations are now forming autonomous cross-functional teams to develop new products and services. In this regard, technological advancements in the telecommunications industry have played a vital role in lifting communication barriers and boosting collaboration in the workplace. Today, these teams can use telecom services to stay in touch and exchange information from any location. Individual members can also message, call, or video chat with their peers to discuss the latest trends and create new strategies.  

Verizon and 5G augmented reality Latest Sale Week 14092020

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and highlights Verizon and 5G augmented reality for the telecommunications category. The Verizon CEO once exclaimed, 5G is, “the platform that makes other innovations possible.” The CEO highlighted several projects that will take advantage of 5G capabilities in a keynote address at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. Among the projects listed is a fleet of delivery drones powered by Verizon subsidiary, Skyward, and UPS Flight Forward. 5G technology is expected to support multiple drones flying simultaneously. Another project highlighted by the CEO, Hans Vestburg, is augmented reality. Verizon has plans to launch 5G connectivity in 28 NFL stadiums by the end of 2021 and to use augmented reality in the presentation of real-time stats among other…

Hybrid schemes create effective homeworking Latest Sale Week 20072020

This week the Business Directory team focuses on how hybrid schemes create effective homeworking with telecommunications tools. Video teleconferencing has reached new heights. We expect to see businesses increasingly adapt to a hybrid scheme in which people will split time between the office and home on a revolving basis. This may be due to preferences of workforces who find the flexibility beneficial for their work life balance. Telecommunications offers a wealth of options including Microsoft teams, Zoom and many other tools that can be integrated easily for improved or enhanced communications between colleagues with basic telecommunications infrastructure, and /or Internet connection availability facilitating its implementation.  

Latest Developments in the Telecom Sector, Latest Sale Week 25052020    

We report from the Telecommunications Business Directory about the latest developments in the Telecom sector. Telecommunications is transforming like never before with the advent of promising technologies such as 5G, IoT, and Wi-Fi 6. 5G is the bold new leap forward that will become more accessible to the masses as infrastructure develops. The result will be unmatched reliability, low latency, and generous bandwidths. Wi-Fi 6 is another advancement that will complement 5G with high speeds and reliability. Wi-Fi 6 will prove more dependable with greater user density. Rapid advancements on the IoT front will usher in profound integration and interconnectedness never seen before in history. IoT will work in symbiotic harmony with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to power smart homes, security devices, and smart appliances….

Google Cloud to Change Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 30032020

This week, Latest Sale highlights, “Google Cloud to Change Telecommunications,” from the Telecommunications Business Directory. Google Cloud announced an innovative strategy to aid in the digital transformation of telecommunications companies. Its aim is to monetise 5G as a business platform, engage customers using data-driven experiences, and enhance operational effectiveness. Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian discussed the impact of rapid technology innovations on the telecommunications industry more recently. Google Cloud’s objective is to provide telecommunications companies with opportunities to transform their business operations. Google Cloud plans to collaborate with leading telecommunications companies with the intention of changing the industry and creating positive user experiences.  

Telecommunications in Tanzania’s Healthcare, Latest Sale Week 03022020

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Telecommunications Business Directory and explores the role of telecommunications in Tanzania’s healthcare system. A Tanzanian hospital, the Muhimbili National Hospital collaborated with Oxford University for the implementation of several healthcare projects facilitated by telecommunications companies. The aim is to deliver healthcare using advanced technology. Through collaboration, the Tanzanian healthcare sector is expected to be better equipped to provide services via Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technologists and will be able to determine the disease’s source and symptoms using computer systems called Digital Pathology. The use of the internet through telecommunications technology and handheld devices will ensure that Tanzania’s hospitals continue to provide improved services that are transformational for their healthcare sector.   Image courtesy of Muhimbili National Hospital   

Grand Canyon Park’s Telecommunications Plan, Latest Sale Week 09122019

This week, Latest Sale focuses on “Grand Canyon Park’s Telecommunications Plan” from the Telecommunications Business Directory. A proposal for the development of a telecommunications plan for the national park has been drafted. The telecommunications plan entails a framework and instructions for the future construction and the setup of the telecommunications infrastructure. Presently, the existing data network and wireless coverage are insufficient to support the park and its in-park partners’ operations. The latest plan entails installing fibre optic communications cable, small-cell sites, and telecommunications towers within its developed areas. If implemented, it will enhance the park’s current data network and wireless coverage capacity.    

The Role of Telecommunications in Society, Latest Sale Week 14102019

This week Latest Sale discusses the role of telecommunications in society and reports from the Telecommunications Business Directory. The continuous evolution of communication and information technology has contributed to good governance by keeping citizens informed, promoting increased participation and political transparency. Telecommunication technology has also helped facilitate long-distance relationships and distance learning programs. The healthcare industry has also benefited from telecommunication technology, as it has enabled increased interaction between healthcare providers and patients. Telecommunications has also helped users raise awareness about key environmental issues impacting the world. This enables the implementation of environmental programs, and inspires communities to do the same.  

LBS Services in Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 19082019

Latest Sale discusses location-based services or LBS services in telecommunications this week, conveying the pros and cons of its deployment in the emergency service sector. LBS take advantage of the connection between a wireless network and a handheld device. The technology offers situational awareness, informing users of their current location and providing directions to their next location, including information on varying localities, exit routes, and their surroundings. LBS facilitate the emergency services use of GIS technology incorporating geographic information systems to deliver location-based emergency alerts and instructions to users during disasters. However, despite its clear advantages, LBS is not available to everyone and there is a risk of sensitive information leaking.  

Telecommunications: 5G and Businesses, Latest Sale Week 24062019

Latest Sale discusses “Telecommunications: 5G and Businesses,” this week from the Business Directory. Should businesses embrace 5G technology? Productivity may increase according to pundits. This is due to the known advantages of 5G technology as a whole. 5G technology uses a high spectrum with high-tech radio technology, producing 10 Gbps of transmission speed. Lower latency with 4 to 5 milliseconds of delay time allows for uninterrupted operations. The infrastructure of 5G allows several devices to connect to one network without affecting speed. However despite these benefits, 5G technology also poses a security threat, as hackers have multiple entry points to enter the network. Combining 5G with artificial intelligence can impact blue collar and professional, white-collar employees due to advances in technology and machine learning that…

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