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Structural stone use in buildings Latest Sale Week 04102021

Structural stone used in buildings is explored in this week’s Architecture Business Directory. Throughout 2021, architects and engineers from Amina Taha’s Groupwork to Webb Yates have championed the use of structural stone in construction. Major highlights have included innovative applications with key environmental benefits, given stone’s lower carbon footprint and reusability. French architect, Fernand Pouillon, was instrumental in modelling the use of pre-cut stone blocks in large-scale projects. Stone has also been used in combination with concrete for structural reinforcement. Webb Yates successfully showcased stone’s application in long-span structures, replacing traditional steel and concrete with stone and timber composites. A prominent project demonstrating these developments was ‘Conversation’ at the London Festival of Architecture 2021, designed by NVBL. The project paid tribute to the historical use…

Architect’s use of straw in construction Latest Sale Week 09082021

Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory and highlights a typical sustainable Architect’s use of straw in construction. Architects are increasingly utilizing straw in major construction projects thanks to the proliferation of sustainability efforts within the industry. STROHPLUS GMBH, founded by Jürgen Höller in 2012, constructs up to three-storey houses exclusively using load-bearing straw, often in the form of jumbo bales weighing 250 kg, plastered with clay or lime. Additionally, the use of straw alongside other biomaterials such as wood, mycelium, seaweed, and vegetable fibres is also evident as displayed by the construction of a show home carried out by Biobased Creations. Presented at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, this modular house, primarily constructed in a factory, includes materials such as insulation made…

Architecture: stone versus concrete or steel Latest Sale Week 14062021

This week the Latest Sale Business Directory team uncovers Architecture: stone versus concrete or steel. Stone is found naturally in the earth’s crust and possesses greater core strength properties when compared with steel or concrete. Selecting between steel or concrete in construction often depends on factors including geographical location, the structural strength required, project timeline, budget, and building frame types. Concrete and steel structures vary in their responses to seismic forces due to differences in weight and rigidity. Steel structures offer greater tensile, compressive and shear resistance compared to concrete and may be used in high rise buildings and skyscrapers for structural framing. Conversely, concrete structures provide better resistance to heat and fire, while steel is less likely to buckle under pressure and corrosion. Project…

Architecture Has Changed in the 21st Century Latest Sale Week 19042021

This week Latest Sale reports on how architecture has changed in the 21st century as part of the Business Directory’s architecture category. The 21st century has seen a dramatic shift in architectural style and approaches. Contemporary architecture has moved away from the styles of past centuries, embracing modern design approaches such as using new, alternative materials such as glass, steel, and sustainable options that embrace energy-saving technologies. Modern architecture is often characterized by emphasizing and building on functionality, efficiency, and minimalism. This movement has been fuelled by increasing urbanization, the need for more efficient and sustainable buildings, and technology which allows architects to explore new design possibilities. Designers now often use digital tools such as 3D modelling and computer-aided design (CAD) to create innovative forms…

The 3D Printed Home Latest Sale Week 22022021

This week we cover the 3D printed home for the Architecture Business Directory. A new, 1400 square foot, three-dimensional printed home in Long Island, New York is for sale on Zillow for a price of $299,999. The home was constructed using three-dimensional printed strips of cement. While the technology is fairly new to the United States, some projects have used the material technology to construct residential structures in China as well as other parts of the United States as well. The material is much more cost effective when compared with traditional building techniques. It is also carbon neutral. While this development does highlight possibilities for the future, certain components of the build do still require a team of construction workers to carry out.    

The Simple Charm of Minimalist Architecture Latest Sale Week 28122020

This week, the Latest Sale team discusses the simple charm of minimalist architecture. We are reporting from the Architecture Business Directory that focuses on the latest trends in the industry. Though the history of minimalist architecture dates back to the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements in the early 20th century, it began to truly gain popularity following World War II. Revered architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also laid the groundwork by paring down the structures and giving them a sleek appearance. Today, minimalist architecture is identified by its clean geometric lines and plain materials. Moreover, open spaces paired with neat components create a sense of order. The cohesive and streamlined aesthetics of these buildings also add to their simple beauty and charm….

Green Materials for Sustainable Architecture Latest Sale Week 02112020

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory to highlight green materials for sustainable architecture. The eco-friendly approach to constructing modern buildings has played a vital role in the popularity of green materials and renewable resources. The use of natural and reusable elements in construction can play a vital role in reducing our negative impact on the environment. However, that’s not all. These materials also contribute to the thermal efficiency and aesthetic beauty of the buildings. Natural stones, bamboo, cob, cordwood, reclaimed wood, mycelium, cord, recycled steel, straw bale, and adobe brick are among the most popular green materials used in sustainable architecture worldwide.    

The Louvre Conservation Center Latest Sale Week 07092020

This week our Business Directory team reports from the Architecture category and showcases the Louvre Conservation Center. The Musée du Louvre in Paris, in a move to protect its valuable works of art, has established a new venue where it will store one-third of its holdings, the Louvre Conservation Center. The new building is in Liéven, which is located in the north of France. The building designed by architectural firm Rogers Strick Harbor + Partners will be completed in October 2020. The building will house upwards of 250,000 artworks. The move to create this new space was spurred by concerns of climate change. The river Seine is thought likely to flood soon and the museum’s intention is to enforce the protection of its holdings. Image…

Amazon HQ2 puts Architecture at forefront Latest Sale Week 13072020

This week we report from the Business Directory and highlight how Amazon HQ2 puts Architecture at forefront of its corporate brand roadmap. Amazon unveiled plans for a second headquarter following record success and sales that have impacted its ability to expand beyond its primary site The 2.8 million square foot structure PenPlace, will be erected in Arlington, Virginia and is slated for completion in 2025. The project is designed by the global architecture firm NBBJ, whose team also spearheaded the design of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The design for PenPlace takes inspiration from nature. Amazon estimates that this new development will create 25,000 jobs.   image courtesy of National Landing   

Latest Trends in Architecture, Latest Sale Week 18052020         

We report from the Architecture Business Directory and cover the latest trends in architecture. Sustainability is a top priority for new architecture projects. Reducing the environmental impact of buildings and blending them with nature is imperative. Building exteriors are now often embellished with lush green plants in order to create a natural, soothing look. Universal accessibility is also paramount. Building projects now incorporate designs that afford instant access to senior citizens and the physically disadvantaged. Indoor spaces are also designed to be both more open and multifunctional. Glass walls are increasingly replacing concrete walls to facilitate more liberating indoor spaces  

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