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Green Materials for Sustainable Architecture Latest Sale Week 02112020

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory to highlight green materials for sustainable architecture. The eco-friendly approach to constructing modern buildings has played a vital role in the popularity of green materials and renewable resources. The use of natural and reusable elements in construction can play a vital role in reducing our negative impact on the environment. However, that’s not all. These materials also contribute to the thermal efficiency and aesthetic beauty of the buildings. Natural stones, bamboo, cob, cordwood, reclaimed wood, mycelium, cord, recycled steel, straw bale, and adobe brick are among the most popular green materials used in sustainable architecture worldwide.    

The Louvre Conservation Center Latest Sale Week 07092020

This week our Business Directory team reports from the Architecture category and showcases the Louvre Conservation Center. The Musée du Louvre in Paris, in a move to protect its valuable works of art, has established a new venue where it will store one-third of its holdings, the Louvre Conservation Center. The new building is in Liéven, which is located in the north of France. The building designed by architectural firm Rogers Strick Harbor + Partners will be completed in October 2020. The building will house upwards of 250,000 artworks. The move to create this new space was spurred by concerns of climate change. The river Seine is thought likely to flood soon and the museum’s intention is to enforce the protection of its holdings. Image…

Amazon HQ2 puts Architecture at forefront Latest Sale Week 13072020

This week we report from the Business Directory and highlight how Amazon HQ2 puts Architecture at forefront of its corporate brand roadmap. Amazon unveiled plans for a second headquarter following record success and sales that have impacted its ability to expand beyond its primary site The 2.8 million square foot structure PenPlace, will be erected in Arlington, Virginia and is slated for completion in 2025. The project is designed by the global architecture firm NBBJ, whose team also spearheaded the design of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The design for PenPlace takes inspiration from nature. Amazon estimates that this new development will create 25,000 jobs.   image courtesy of National Landing   

Latest Trends in Architecture, Latest Sale Week 18052020         

We report from the Architecture Business Directory and cover the latest trends in architecture. Sustainability is a top priority for new architecture projects. Reducing the environmental impact of buildings and blending them with nature is imperative. Building exteriors are now often embellished with lush green plants in order to create a natural, soothing look. Universal accessibility is also paramount. Building projects now incorporate designs that afford instant access to senior citizens and the physically disadvantaged. Indoor spaces are also designed to be both more open and multifunctional. Glass walls are increasingly replacing concrete walls to facilitate more liberating indoor spaces  

Venice Architecture Biennale, Latest Sale Week 23032020

This week, we report from the Architecture Directory covering the Venice Architecture biennale. The biennale is a two-yearly display, showcasing the state-of-the-art building around the globe. The event is attended by notable individuals from the industry, excited to discover the latest projects from leading architects. The theme of the next biennale is planned as “How Can We Live Together?” The event invites architects and institutions from more than 60 countries. The celebration of architectural delights continues to engage the creative sector from far and wide. An engaging retreat into a world of technical creativity and design awaits all onlookers as the inauguration of this riveting event beckons.    

US City Using Architecture to Combat Floods, Latest Sale Week 27012020

This week, we discuss the US City Using Architecture to Combat Floods. We report from the Architecture Business Directory and explore the city of Boston in the United States that has seen its share of floods due to its unfortunate proximity to the coastline. The city has collaborated with the SCAPE Landscape Architecture team to protect its coastline against climate change. The scheme involves increasing access and opening the space along the harbour to protect the city from a major flood. The plan will create elevated landscapes, flood resilient buildings, and improved waterfront parks. The city’s mayor aims to create a climate-ready and resilient Boston Harbour.  

London Architecture, Ingenious McGrath Road, Latest Sale Week 02122019

This week, we report from the Architecture Business Directory covering “London Architecture, Ingenious McGrath Road.” Consisting of 26 tower houses, it’s one of East London’s most prized and innovative housing developments. Designed by renowned architect Peter Barker who is well-known for reinventing traditional housing units, his challenge was to rework the back-to-back housing typology made popular in the 19th century due to their affordability. He has successfully re-imagined the architectural design elements of the Victorian era. It features arched entrances, a concealed inner courtyard, private roof terraces in the top floor living room, and individual bathrooms instead of shared bathrooms.   Images courtesy of Peter Barber Architects    

Swiss Alps, the World’s Longest Bridge, Latest Sale Week 07102019

This week the Latest Sale team highlights the Swiss Alps, the world’s longest bridge for the Architecture Business Directory. The pedestrian bridge known as the Charles KuonenHängebrücke or the Europe Bridge crosses a Swiss valley. The thin suspension bridge opened on 29 July 2017, relinking Europaweg, a hiking trail between two towns, which became inaccessible due to a rock avalanche in 2010. The Swiss bridge is 494 metres long and is 84 metres above the valley floor with 64 centimetres wide metal deck. Visitors to Switzerland who choose to spend their holidays at one of the two popular ski resorts, Zermatt or Grächen, can easily access this infamous bridge.   Image courtesy of Dezeen  

Top 5 skills every architect should have Latest Sale Week 12082019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory and explores the top 5 skills every architect should have.   Creative skills One of the most important skills an architect needs to have includes creative skills. Not to say that knowing how to draw is not important, but currently even with the usage of technology including CAD (computer aided design) techniques, the ability to draw well is of considerable importance as is conceptual design that requires sketching.   Numerical skills Architects need to be comfortable with numbers as precision is key. Architects will be forever measuring walls and calculating to ensure accurate and stable building design so attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of an architect’s job that is directly…

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019  This week Latest Sale covers the Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West for the Business Directory. Via 57 West is a stunningly unique 35-storey pyramid-shaped building located at 57th Street in Manhattan, New York. The innovative cutting-edge design elicits admiring glances from astonished onlookers. The building’s distinguishing pyramid design offers a refreshing contrast to the boxy skyline.   Bjarke Ingels Group, the story behind Via 57 West The Bjarke Ingels Group, the architectural force behind the spectacular Via 57 West design, is unremittingly expanding the frontiers of architectural paradigms with pioneering and pragmatic structural design solutions. This spellbinding design has garnered over a dozen awards.   Amenities at Via 57 West With amenities…

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