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Top Zara bags with OM Handmade beaded necklaces, by Latest Sale

More Zara fashion highlights this summer include the Zara Leather bucket bag with fringes an eclectic accessorized choice for Olga Margarita handmade beaded necklaces. Latest Sale discovered this fun-filled treat at Zara for £49.99. Accessorize to your desire with this contemporary fringed bag that is conveniently sized as Height x Width x Depth 30 x 35 x 19 cm. In the bold Summer evening, match with your favourite handmade jewellery pieces from eco friendly designer Olga Margarita. Handmade beaded necklaces are the Latest Sale choice of the week to suit any aspiring eco warrior. The Olga Margarita tagua necklaces in green and orange are our suggestions for this Zara bucket bag with fringes. Olga Margarita handmade beaded necklaces prices are just £30.00. The handmade beaded…

Best Zara Outfits to match with Costume Jewellery, by Latest Sale

Summer brightness is assured thanks to this Latest Sale find, the Zara Printed mini skirt with an original retail price of £29.99 is a sure crowd pleaser. Bijoux Oui, costume jewellery is a perfect companion and the Latest Sale team suggest pairing this colourful skirt with the Bijoux Oui Silver and Gold Plated Oval Filigree Earrings. The Bijoux Oui costume jewellery range is nickel and lead compliant for sensitive ears and is available on the Latest Sale website for £42.00. This Zara printed skirt with side pockets is a pastel delight, blending baby yellow, sunshine yellow, baby blue, black and white colours so you stand out effortlessly in the crowd. Fashion images courtesy of  

How to style Black Diamond Earrings and Marimekko Blouse, Latest Sale

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory covering fashion highlights and fine jewellery. The Nattu shirt from Marimekko was one of our fashion favourites from the SS 2015 collection. Perfect from any breezy late Summer evening and early Autumn strolls, this lightweight, versatile black and white blouse can be worn with Destino Jewellery black diamond earrings. The blend of rich black diamonds gives off an even shine and exuberance accentuating each unique design feature of the blouse. The Destino Jewellery 14k white gold black diamond cluster earrings including 18 black diamonds  are available from the Latest Sale website for £2,500.00.   Fashion image courtesy of    

How to style Amber Earrings with Joseph Blouse, by Latest Sale

How to style Destino Jewellery, Amber Earrings with Joseph Blouse, Latest Sale reports fro the Fashion Business Directory. State the obvious without making too big a declaration. Latest Sale has discovered an understated blouse from Joseph that matches perfectly with Destino Jewellery Amber Earrings.  The Joseph Pinstripe Crepe de Chine Dara Blouse is a classic button down blouse with silk and opaque contrasts and can be matched with Destino Jewellery yellow amber earrings. Latest Sale suggests the Destino Jewellery, Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Jewellery range and in particular the Yellow Amber Moon Earrings. These Baltic amber earrings are price at £100.00 and are available from the Latest Sale website. Fashion image courtesy of  

Top Style Stainless Steel Earrings, Lanvin Lizard bag, by Latest Sale

Top Style Fire Steel, Stainless Steel Earrings, Lanvin Lizard bag, by Latest Sale. Reporting from the Latest Sale, Fashion Business Directory, a Lanvin delight from Lanvin’s SS15 runway collection, this grey lizard-effect leather box handbag is the perfect match for Fire Steel, stainless steel earrings. The Fire Steel, Tri Colour Triple Hoop 316L stainless steel earrings are £65.00 and available from the Latest Sale website whilst the Lanvin lizard-effect handbag is available from With an original selling price of £1,945 this show stopping Lanvin handbag has an elegance that exudes dynamism and charm worthy of attention. Fashion images courtesy of          

How to Match Paul Smith Abstract Skirt and Fine Jewellery, Latest Sale

Abstract Art is at its finest with the superb Paul Smith skirt discovered at Liberty. @ Latest Sale we suggest matching with ruby earrings from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection. Latest Sale reports from the luxury Fashion Business Directory. A highly detailed fashion piece made from woven silk, this fashion faithful also comes with matching shirt priced at just £249.00. This enigmatic layered red Abstract Stripe silk Midi skirt from the Paul Smith Black Label collection which costs £300 00. The Destino Jewellery, Ruby Trellis Dangle Earrings in 925 sterling silver cost £1,500.00 and are available from the Latest Sale website.   Fashion images courtesy of      

How to wear Barbara Casasola and Hypoallergenic Earrings, Latest Sale

The Latest sale discovery of the week is the Barbara Casasola, Brazilian styled skirt available at for £612.00 down from £1,020. Style with Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings. The ultimate in glamour and refined style, this bronze coloured Barbara Casasola layered skirt is the very best in fashion. Style also with the crystalized Barbara Casasola metallic sleeveless top also available from What is the perfect stainless steel jewellery match for this long Casasola, pleated skirt? Fire Steel Tri Colour Triple Hoop stainless steel earrings. Wow the crowd with these large Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings that exhibit triple the delight with a rose gold finish. These Fire Steel triple hoop hypoallergenic earrings can brighten up your outfit in a chunky yet sophisticated way. Their combined colours…

Match Jigsaw pearl pink trousers with handmade jewellery, Latest Sale

Latest Sale has discovered a delightful pair of pearl pink capri trousers at Jigsaw for £105 (original price £175.00). As part of the Fashion, Business Directory encompassing jewellery designs, Latest Sale highlights trendsetting fashion that match perfectly with handmade jewellery. The Gabardine Stretch New Tony Cropped Trousers in pearl pink are the perfect contrast with the rich ivory colour of handmade Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces with circular motif and leather straps. The beauty of the ivory tagua beads is flaunted in these bold chunky tagua necklaces, ensuring that they remains the perfect addition to any outfit that may need that extra natural boost! Fashion images courtesy of

Best Art-inspired Monsoon dresses, Gold Plated Earrings, Latest Sale

This week Latest Sale focuses on a new trend; art-inspired print dresses. Monsoon has collaborated with the Royal College of Art this Summer 2015 to create a number of patterned dresses in vibrant tones. One of our favourites for those bold enough to stand out in the crowd is the Monsoon Sunray Printed dress for £99.00 Match this Monsoon dress with Bijoux Oui gold plated earrings. Choose a delightful pair from the Bijoux Oui gold plated earrings range such as the Gold plated circle flower earrings with orange and red trim for £45.00. This is the perfect choice for the magenta and sunshine yellow colours of the Monsoon Sunray Printed dress. Bijoux Oui gold plated earrings are nickel and lead compliant for sensitive ears. Fashion images courtesy…

Best Anthropologie Dresses to match with Tagua Necklaces, Latest Sale

For £141.95 this glorious Anthropologie dress found by the Latest Sale team is the dress to bask in as highlighted in the Fashion Business Directory. Feminine lines accentuate this maxi dress by Geisha Designs. Cocktail evenings, wine tasting and evening strolls are the perfect events for this dress. Why not pair it with Olga Margarita, handmade jewellery? We suggest the blue tagua necklace with copper and leather finishings available on the Latest Sale site for £30.00. The beauty of blue tagua beads is flaunted in this bold tagua necklace, which is handmade and embellished with leather cords and decorative copper finishings. Olga Margarita, chunky handmade beaded necklaces are eco friendly and colourful, making them the perfect addition to this Anthropologie outfit and giving it an…

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