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Ethical Fashion, 18th Century Copper Gown, Latest Sale Week 30102017

18th Century Fashion highlights are brought to life in the Latest Sale Business Directory covering luxury Fashion. As the year comes to a close we celebrate eco warriors in Fashion whose designs and concepts stand the test of time. Social impact fashion endures through time with leading designers and fashion students alike taking the sustainable fashion topic to new heights. Fashion trends that endure include the Emma Whiteside automated radiator copper 18th Century gown inspired by Queen Adelaide. The 2009 Wearable Art show displayed the essence of 18th Century Fashion in all its glory and to date no other garment has had such an impact. The Latest Sale list of favourite 18th Century fashion gems with a focus on sustainability includes this beautiful masterpiece. Emma…

Wear the right colour for fashion events, Latest Sale Week 04092017

This week Latest Sale covers Fashion for the luxury Business Directory. We touch on whether there really is a perfect colour to wear for a fashion event. Does choosing the right colour depend on the season or the event? Or alternatively, should fashionistas consistently follow annual or seasonal trends in order to select the most appropriate colour for that special event? What is certain is that poignant colours have been highly impactful during various times of the social calendar and during specific seasons. There was a time when “amethyst” purple was the seasonal colour to look out for and to be in the know was to wear this colour. However the disadvantage of following such fashion trends is it risks being viewed as a fashionista…

Men’s New York Fashion Week 2017, Latest Sale Week 10072017

This week, Latest Sale covers the Men’s New York Fashion Week 2017 as part of the Latest Sale, Fashion Business Directory. New York’s official Men’s Fashion week starts July 10th 2017 through to July 13th 2017 with showcase designers as varied as Kenneth Ning, Perry Ellis, Daniel Hechter and Carlos Campos. Kenneth Ning’s wearable menswear designs are bold and edgy with streamlined tailoring at the essence of each design. The current AW2017 menswear collection includes the limited edition cuffin season men’s socks available in black and yellow, as well as the Payback and cutoff casual shirts. Perry Ellis promotes his line at the Men’s New York Fashion Week 2017 as menswear for the modern man. His collection includes undergarments including the Cool motion performance protection…

How to become a Fashion Designer, Latest Sale Week 15052017

This week Latest Sale covers Fashion Designer insights for the luxury Fashion Business Directory. We cover a topic often asked by many fashion aficionados; how easy is it to become a fashion designer? Is talent alone sufficient? Becoming a fashion designer requires dedication, wide skills and sheer determination. A key factor often overlooked however is the ability to raise funds for this demanding discipline. Talent is a good starting point but many other factors can lead to the success or failure of a fashion designer in the making. In this blog post we cover two criteria that we consider fundamental to the success of a fashion designer; funding and natural artistry/ talent. Finance Fundraising is the key to a fashion designer’s success, whether funding is…

Graduate Fashion Week 2016, was it worth it? Latest Sale Week 26092016

This week, Latest Sale starts the first in a series of three articles covering Graduate Fashion Week 2016 for the Latest Sale, Fashion, Business Directory. Was it all worth it? It certainly was! We were happy to receive our Industry invitation to attend this event and did so with no preconceived ideas or huge expectations. The GFW team’s advertising promised that this event would be “The next big thing in fashion” and the “World’s largest showcase of fashion graduates.” Inaugurated on Sunday 5th June 2016 and showcasing fashion talent in the UK until Wednesday 8th June 2016, industry insiders and fashionistas were treated to a feast of designer trends for the season that are sure to rival any catwalk show. Graduate fashion designers from all…

Celebration of Chinese Fashion the Met NYC, Latest Sale Week 24082015

In preparation for Fashion Week 2015 in New York, Milan, London and Paris the Latest Sale, Business Directory team focuses on Fashion this week. We touch on artistic couture at cultural institutions. The Costume Institute exhibition in celebration of China: Through the Looking Glass showcases Chinese art and fashion and their influence on designers from the West. The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York inaugurated on 4th May 2015 and will continue up until 7th September 2015. So far according to data from artnewspaper.com, over 358,381 visitors have enjoyed the China: Looking through the Glass exhibition to date. Photography by Julia Halperin demonstrates the elegance of Chinese couture with a symbolic Guo Pei, Evening Gown, Evening Gown, Magnificent Gold from the Spring/Summer 2007…

Latest Sale Fashion Lab, Biba Gold Skirt, Gold plated jewellery sets

The golden Latest Sale Summer find of the month is the gold Biba Jacquard And Ponti Skirt discovered at House of Fraser for the original price of £69.00. Match with Bijoux Oui Gold plated jewellery sets. We suggest the Bijoux Oui, gold plated oval necklace and earring set with clear crystals priced for just £75.00. Bijoux Oui gold plated jewellery sets are nickel and lead compliant for sensitive ears so you can accessorize for less than £400.00 and be comforted in the knowledge that you can truly shine with a limited edition, gold Biba skirt and fabulous Bijoux Oui gold plated jewellery sets to match. Fashion image courtesy of houseoffraser.co.uk    

Top Zara bags with OM Handmade beaded necklaces, by Latest Sale

More Zara fashion highlights this summer include the Zara Leather bucket bag with fringes an eclectic accessorized choice for Olga Margarita handmade beaded necklaces. Latest Sale discovered this fun-filled treat at Zara for £49.99. Accessorize to your desire with this contemporary fringed bag that is conveniently sized as Height x Width x Depth 30 x 35 x 19 cm. In the bold Summer evening, match with your favourite handmade jewellery pieces from eco friendly designer Olga Margarita. Handmade beaded necklaces are the Latest Sale choice of the week to suit any aspiring eco warrior. The Olga Margarita tagua necklaces in green and orange are our suggestions for this Zara bucket bag with fringes. Olga Margarita handmade beaded necklaces prices are just £30.00. The handmade beaded…

Best Zara Outfits to match with Costume Jewellery, by Latest Sale

Summer brightness is assured thanks to this Latest Sale find, the Zara Printed mini skirt with an original retail price of £29.99 is a sure crowd pleaser. Bijoux Oui, costume jewellery is a perfect companion and the Latest Sale team suggest pairing this colourful skirt with the Bijoux Oui Silver and Gold Plated Oval Filigree Earrings. The Bijoux Oui costume jewellery range is nickel and lead compliant for sensitive ears and is available on the Latest Sale website for £42.00. This Zara printed skirt with side pockets is a pastel delight, blending baby yellow, sunshine yellow, baby blue, black and white colours so you stand out effortlessly in the crowd. Fashion images courtesy of Zara.com/uk  

How to style Black Diamond Earrings and Marimekko Blouse, Latest Sale

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory covering fashion highlights and fine jewellery. The Nattu shirt from Marimekko was one of our fashion favourites from the SS 2015 collection. Perfect from any breezy late Summer evening and early Autumn strolls, this lightweight, versatile black and white blouse can be worn with Destino Jewellery black diamond earrings. The blend of rich black diamonds gives off an even shine and exuberance accentuating each unique design feature of the blouse. The Destino Jewellery 14k white gold black diamond cluster earrings including 18 black diamonds  are available from the Latest Sale website for £2,500.00.   Fashion image courtesy of marimekko.com    

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