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Bijoux Oui, Costume Jewellery, match with Hello dress from Desigual

Spring is here and as Summer 2015 approaches, we have tracked down the coolest fashion to match our Bijoux Oui costume jewellery collection. Print dresses from the Desgual Spring/ Summer 2015 collection have caught our eye. This April 2015 we have discovered an enigmatic print dress that is sure to delight; the Hello Desigual print dress for £69.00. Nickle free, we suggest the Bijoux Oui, gold plated Teardrop earrings as the perfect match for those who have sensitive ears. for accessible pricing, Bijoux Oui, gold plated earrings are delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box and are the perfect gift or personal treat.    Fashion images courtesy ofDesigual

Olga Margarita tagua necklaces with Emerald Green Ghost Betty Dress

A summery yet earthy look is easily achieved through a unique Latest Sale find at Ghost. An asymmetric Emerald Green dress is a perfect for match for the eco friendly Olga Margarita tagua necklaces. These handmade beaded necklaces are available in either green or orange and as they are handmade, you can be sure no two are the same. The Ghost, Emerald Sea Betty Dress, retails for £195.00 and is the perfect April 2015 Fashion treat. Olga Margarita forms part of the sustainable handmade jewellery range. Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces, perfect gift or personal treat, are delivered in elegant silver designer jewellery boxes.

Fire Steel, Hypoallergenic Earrings, Marques Almeida Frayed skirt

Latest Sale has discovered the Marques Almeida Frayed asymmetric denim wrap skirt available from the matchesfashion.com April Fashion 2015 collection. This delightful skirt is the perfect ensemble for a well coordinated pair of Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings. We suggest energising this casually elegant skirt with Fire Steel, stainless steel huggies with baby blue crystals. Hypoallergenic, durable with a long lasting shine, Fire Steel, stainless steel earrings are perfect for those with sensitive ears who do not wish to compromise on style. Fire Steel, stainless steel earrings are delivered in an elegant black leatherette designer jewellery box.   Fashion images courtesy of matchesfashion.com    

Fire Steel, Stainless steel jewellery, LK Bennett Azure Blue Jacket

Summer highlights, night or day the Azure Blue streamlined jacket from the LK Bennett April 2015 Fashion collection matches perfectly with the stainless steel jewellery range from Fire Steel. Try combining the two for that extra spring in your step, with Fire Steel, stainless steel earrings, with triangular water drop motif. A swift design from the Latest Sale, Business Directory, this blend of electric blue azure with the long lasting shine of Fire Steel, stainless steel earrings is a blend that makes an impact each and every time. Fire Steel, stainless steel jewellery is delivered in an elegant black leatherette designer jewellery box.   Fashion images courtesy of lkbennett.com    

Green Tree Jewelry, Handmade Wooden Brooch, style with Mango Jumpsuits

At Latest Sale we have worked our way through the high streets of London to find the hottest trends that match our handmade jewellery pieces during our April 2015 Fashion hunt. Fashion retail chain Mango did not disappoint with a stylish lace long black jumpsuit for curve sizes retailing at £89.99. It is the perfect match score for our handmade, Green Tree Jewelry bumble bee brooch made from recycled wood. Summer is almost here! Sustainable fashion and delightful handmade jewellery treats are a regular addition to the Latest Sale site. Green Tree Jewelry is delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box.   Fashion images courtesy of shop.mango.com    

Destino Jewellery, Copper Earrings with Matches and Balenciaga

At Latest Sale, we love the April 2015 fashion insight post on Matchesfashion.com by Milan-based fashion blogger Patricia Manfield. Her 10 rules of style match perfectly with the handmade Destino Jewellery, copper earrings with sterling silver hooks. Copper Donut earrings from Destino Jewellery add a touch of dynamism to the Rules of style that include an electric blue Yves Saint Laurent body cross handbag (£1,110), YSL tailored black jacket (£2,125), YSL slim line, satin black trousers (£615) and an elegant pair of black Balenciaga lace-up stiletto Sandals (£525), all available from matchesfashion.com. Destino Jewellery, copper earrings are delivered in an elegant designer jewellery box.   Fashion images courtesy of Matchesfashion.com      

Bijoux Oui Gold Plated Earrings with Black Ruffles layer dress, Reiss

These summer inspired  Bijoux Oui, gold plated earrings with circle acorn motif and red trim, match perfectly with the fun and flirty Beatrice black Ruffles layer dress. An April 2015 fashion shopping spree treat, black is truly the new summer. The Beatrice Black ruffles layer dress is available from premium fashion chain Reiss for just £295.     Fashion images courtesy of reiss.com

Destino Jewellery Emerald Fantasy, Amber earrings, Roland Mouret gown

These stunning Destino Jewellery, sterling silver and Baltic Amber earrings with circle motif look divine with the Roland Mouret Green Fitted Gown. Gown is available @LibertyLondon. We also found another perfect companion for your April 2015 fashion ensemble; Sophia Webster Black Rousseau Point Stiletto Sandals, also available at Liberty.co.uk. The perfect combination is to mix and match with Destino Jewellery lime green amber earrings. Organic gemstones used to create the Destino Jewellery, Baltic amber earrings collection are known to radiate a warm and bright energy. Wearing Destino Jewellery, amber earrings with this enlightening Roland Mouret gown presents a timeless way to add sparkle to your fashion ensemble.   Fashion and footwear Images courtesy of Liberty London        

Latest Sale Week 19012015, Debbie Wingham’s Abaya for £12 Million

British fashion designer Debbie Wingham has created the most expensive dress in the world. At £12 million, this is the most luxurious dress in the world. Once again, Latest Sale reports on insightful news from the Luxury Business Directory with this piece dedicated to Fashion. Called the “Abaya”, the dress features an oversized kaftan silhouette trimmed with red and black floral embellishments with opulent jewels including 50 2 carat black diamonds, 2 carat white diamonds, around 1,800 black and white pointer diamonds, and 1,000 pointer rubies with 14 carat gold threads. The dress is also embedded with an extremely rare red diamond. The diamond is so rare that only one in every hundred million diamonds will enjoy this natural red hue. Wingham was inspired to…

Latest Sale Week 24112014, Mouawad Nights Diamond Purse for £2.5m

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse – The Most Valuable Handbag In The World Worth £2.5 million. Latest Sale features highlights from the Luxury Business Directory and this week we cover a must be seen treasure from the Fashion Directory. Inspired by fairy tales, romance and passion for rare gems and jewels, the Mouluwad 1001 Diamond Purse is the most priced handbag in the world. In fact, the purse has received an official certification from the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most valuable handbag in the world. The Mouluwad 1001 Diamond Purse is heart-shaped and handcrafted from 180-carat gold embedded with 4,517 diamonds (56 pink, 105 yellow and 4,356 colourless). The bag has a total weight of 381.92 carats. Designed by Robert Mouawad, a…

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