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Archives for January 2018

Are Destino Jewellery, copper earrings difficult to manufacture?

Are Destino Jewellery, copper earrings difficult to manufacture? The full range of handmade copper earrings are made predominantly in Mexico by local craftspeople who meticulously create designs inspired by magnificent stone sculptures with hieroglyphics and monumental inscriptions found in the Mayan cities of Mexico. Destino Jewellery, copper earrings are made from raw copper, which is…

Chinese Architecture, Tallest Canyon Bridge Latest Sale Week 29012018

This week Latest Sale covers Architecture for the Business Directory with a focus on pedestrian suspension bridges. The 430 long glass suspension bridge is located within the depths of the Chinese canyon of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park canyon nestled below the suspension bridge opens pedestrians up to striking views…

Assessing the popularity of Portrait art commissions

Fine artists with varying degrees of ability and stylistic differences, may wonder what are the best the opportunities to explore when developing art commissions for private clients. Of course, assessing the popularity of portrait art commissions for those who have the skill to undertake such work appeals to fine artists who are unafraid of challenges….

Why are exotic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings so rare?

Why are exotic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings so rare? Typically, fine jewellery manufacturers focus on selling clear diamond earrings, with a select number of retailers including Latest Sale also selling black diamond earrings. Although some clear diamond earrings enjoy a higher selling price point than black diamond earrings, black diamond earrings are rare due…

Available colours for Destino Jewellery, amber earrings

Amber earrings are typically available in various colours including, green, yellow, red, blue, orange and brown. Available colours for the Destino Jewellery, amber earrings range include green and yellow that are two of the most popular colours amongst customers. These bright glowing colours can be worn to accessorize fashion attire for any season and are…

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