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Latest Sale Week 20102014, NY Time Warner 9 room Condo for Sale, $35m

Latest Sale continues to report on the hottest trends and items for sale as part of our Luxury Business Directory Interior Design news. This week it is a luxury condo as reported in Business Insider. The New York south Tower Time Warner Centre 9 room condo  owned by Roy Furman, chairman of private equity firm Jefferies Capital Partners, includes a must have beautiful, luxurious walk-in closet and three bathrooms. Interior design at its very best, this classic condo enjoys skyline views of New York City and is a welcome break from the crowd. For a “mere” $35m, this iconic condo will never fail to impress.  

Latest Sale Week 29092014, A Luxury stay in an $85m L.A. mansion

Our weekly announcement of hot ticket items for sale happens here on Latestsale.com each Monday. This week Latest Sale highlights the ultimate in luxury homes from our Interior Design Luxury Business Directory. Our favourite this week, a luxury $85 million mansion in Los Angeles! An infinity pool within a complex that boasts 280 degree views, a bathtub valued at $850,000 and a thrillingly dramatic driveway, this is more than a must see vacation home! Interior design at its very best, this luxurious complex offers visitors all the space and luxury required, with bright airy interiors combined with designer soft furnishings from Cavalli and others.   Images courtesy of yahoo.com      

Latest Sale Week 15092014, Chrismark Castle Connecticut for $45 million

Latest Sale, our third weekly announcement of hot ticket items for sale. A mystery castle located in Connecticut, USA could be your next home for a cool $45 million. Known as Chrismark Castle, as seen on Business Insider, and Real Estate agency Coldwell Banker surprisingly this bargain only has eight bedrooms…We were slightly disappointed with that! However there are another twelve delightful rooms to relax in, plus a lake and a travelling zoo. The history of this family castle home however is surrounded by drama fit for a Hollywood movie. At Latestsale.com we just keep going to help you discover the ultimate in luxury experiences from our Interior Design, Business Directory. Images courtesy of Business Insider and Coldwell Banker

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