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Add Large Oblong Wall Tiles to Homes, Latest Sale Week 15072019

This week, the Latest Sale team discusses why homeowners should add large oblong wall tiles to homes. We report from the Interior Design Business Directory and highlight how the large, oblong wall tiles’ functionality and versatility can be maximized by enabling interior designers to create various patterns. These tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures, with the large subway style tiles being the most popular. Homeowners can use large oblong wall tiles for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. The benefits of using these wall tiles include enlarging small spaces, widening long and narrow hallways, and creating a luxurious feel in bathrooms and kitchens, thus increasing the value of homes.    

Tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate Latest Sale Week 20052019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Interior Design Business Directory with a focus on tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate. Colour contrasts ensure elegant living spaces are destined for wide appeal. They exude a truly elegant charm with wall coverings and metal framed mirrors also used to enhance elegant colour tones. Chocolate wall coverings and delicate furnishings set off against a tortoiseshell blue range of Victorian-styled lounge furniture, can be easily complemented with a statement piece rug and a high velvet footstool or pouffe. Maintaining a contemporary, airy feel to Victorian furniture and a room with dark coloured walls and curtains is easily achieved with the fresh tone of tortoiseshell blue.    

Interior design trends: curtains or blinds? Latest Sale Week 25032019

Interior design trends: curtains or blinds? The Latest Sale team reports from the Interior Design Business Directory. With an array of interior design options for living rooms, conservatories and kitchens including skylights, and electronically controlled blinds, are curtains still a viable option for elegant living spaces? Textured, fully lined curtains can offer sheer elegance to a drawing room. With a chic, streamlined design, curtains will always add a luxurious finish to any room with abundant colours from champagne to pale grey available that enhance soft furnishings and minimalist décor. Electronic blinds offer a smart alternative for contemporary spaces such as luxury offices and other study workspaces such as private libraries. Curtains also offer great flexibility and can be ordered to measure so that no matter…

Interior Design trends: large floor tiles Latest Sale Week 28012019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory with a focus on Interior Design trends: large floor tiles. Large floor tiles, whether these be dark coloured or in more neutral tones offer alternatives that are best used to great effect in living settings that are small. With a recommended minimum size of 50cm x 50cm, large floor tiles bear well in small kitchens or bathrooms with the clear benefit of giving the impression of a much larger space. Combined with other interior design features such as oversized wall mirrors, large floor tiles add an aura of sophistication and delight. For sheer amplification of room settings, large floor tiles will offer long-term inspiration to all.      

Interiors: Wall-to-Wall Bathroom Mirrors, Latest Sale Week 03122018

The Latest Sale Business Directory team looks at “Interiors: Wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors,” a design element that has become a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. Wall-to-wall mirrors pair well with contemporary-themed bathrooms. They can transform a dull and nondescript bathroom by combining different décor elements. Pair a wall-to-wall mirror with lighting fixtures to make the bathroom look much brighter than it is. Install wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors in a medium sized bathroom to create an impression of a much larger and more spacious setting. Add faucets into the wall-to-wall mirror to create a continuous and seamless look. These are just a few ways interior design followers are using wall-to-wall mirrors. Use them wisely to create a unique look each and every time.    

Choosing the right interior design course Latest Sale Week 08102018

This week, Latest Sale provides insights on choosing the right interior design course. Before choosing the right course, students must ascertain what their career goals are and they should aim to complete an associate’s degree at the very least. Such an interior design course must be undertaken at a reputable interior design learning institution that is accredited. For students wishing to embark on such studies within the United States, these specialist learning centres should enable students to obtain the necessary licensing requirements from the state in which they are planning to work as an interior designer. Interior design students should be fully aware of the specific areas of study that they are interested in, once they have explored the various courses offered by accredited interior…

Best interior trends: fireplaces, wall lamps Latest Sale Week 13082018

This week Latest Sale reports from the Interior Design Business Directory with a focus on the best interior trends: fireplaces, walls lamps.   How to inspire with fireplaces The usage of inspirational fireplaces that maximize the interiors of inviting living spaces such as living rooms has become increasingly popular. The diverse variants on offer range from contemporary, classic, vintage or to masculine designed industrial styled fireplaces. Thanks to the development of interior design trends that have moved the importance of functional fireplaces to aesthetically designed fireplaces that meet the demands of fashion conscious customers, interior designers are spoilt for choice when offering interior design solutions to their clients.   What is the function of fireplaces? Increasingly, fireplaces communicate a warm, inviting environment and embrace open…

How abstract art accentuates your office space Latest Sale Week 18062018

This week Latest Sale explores how abstract art accentuates your office space as part of the Interior Design Business Directory. Confined spaces and open spaces present Office Managers with an array of challenges, with interior design preferences tending to extend to embracing the corporate ethos of the office environment whilst portraying an image that appeals right across the company´s clients, stakeholders and employees. Open spaces such as reception waiting areas and/ or expansive hallways can be engulfed in pensive abstract art paintings that draw the viewer into the corporate personality of the firm and also display an air of exclusivity and prominence. Abstract art by Ali Jabbar includes Last Drop that depicts an incomplete image as one’s lover appears and disappears in a split second,…

How to improve interior design for homes Latest Sale Week 23042018

This week, Latest Sale covers Interior design for the Business Directory with a focus on how to improve interior design for homes Latest Sale Week 23042018. Those new to interior design may feel that the design process is costly and therefore the idea of dwelling on interior design trends may seem daunting.   Choosing the right colour to balance your interiors One of the most important factors that influence good interior design is colour. Combining a range of block colours with stripes or block colours with light pastels or neutral colours can accentuate a room seamlessly without necessarily utilizing too much of your interior design budget. These block colours can be used for simple accessories such as cushions, throws, lampshades or curtains.   Choosing the…

Glass ceilings for your interiors, Latest Sale Week 26022018

This week Latest Sale covers glass ceilings Glass ceilings for your interiors as part of the Interior Design Business Directory. With a consistent focus on wall and floor coverings, interior design trends now extend to statement ceilings that can either minimize or maximize the appearance of a room. For the purpose of glass ceilings, this offers homeowners the opportunity to expand the breadth of a room setting with open plan ceilings that also act to bring in natural sunlight into contemporary living spaces. Mirrored ceilings may be popular in bedrooms whilst glass ceilings remain popular with kitchen, dining and conservatory settings. Entertaining guests in an open, relaxing environment is the key to the popularity of glass ceiling designs that add a touch of elegance to…

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