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Archives for October 2014

What is Fine Jewellery?

Fine jewellery is typically designed and crafted to last a lifetime. Fine jewellery is usually made from gold (9ct, 14k, 18k, 22k white and yellow gold), platinum or sterling silver and may be worn with or without gemstones. Fine jewellery from Destino Jewellery is made predominantly with 14k and 18k gold as well as sterling silver….

Is Crowdfunding A Disruptive Alternative to Angel Investment?

Is Crowdfunding A Disruptive Alternative to Angel Investment? Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory and covers investment news. Start ups and entrepreneurs are faced with a choice; angel investment for businesses that are established enough that they are beyond the start up phase, but are still early enough in the game that they…

Latest Sale Week 20102014, NY Time Warner 9 room Condo for Sale, $35m

Latest Sale continues to report on the hottest trends and items for sale as part of our Luxury Business Directory Interior Design news. This week it is a luxury condo as reported in Business Insider. The New York south Tower Time Warner Centre 9 room condo  owned by Roy Furman, chairman of private equity firm Jefferies Capital Partners, includes…

The Best Amber Jewellery

Amber is believed to have natural healing properties. Wearing amber as a jewellery piece is said to help alleviate pain in the head, neck and throat areas. It is also said to be highly effective for arthritis, aching muscles, joints and rheumatism.The best amber jewellery from Destino Jewellery, sterling silver baltic amber jewellery is now…

Where Can I Buy Fire Steel Jewelry?

The Fire Steel jewelry collection includes premium hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry. Made from 316L stainless steel, Fire Steel Jewelry is not only hypoallergenic, but also resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Expect a long lasting shine that will last for years. Fire Steel has been featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Sublime Magazine, Chat,…

Latest Sale Week 13102014, VW Concept car with Ducati Engine

Each week we continue to showcase luxury treats from the Latest Sale, Business Directory. This week, we take the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector to the next level with a wonderfully inspired Volkswagen Supercar with Lamborghini doors and a Ducati Engine from this year’s 2014 Paris Motor Show..The lightweight magnesium and carbon sportscar with V2…

Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings? Latest Sale explores the best places to buy hypoallergenic earrings, from Delicate Earrings, Amazon UK, Serenity Jewellery. Simply Whispers and Macy’s.   Delicate Earrings Delicate Earrings is a specialist e-tailer for hypoallergenic earrings in various styles for fashion lovers with sensitive skin. Designs are created by earring allergy manufacturers…

Latest Sale Week 06102014, an 8 bedroom Mansion for $365,000

Our weekly announcement of hot ticket items for sale happens here on Latestsale.com each Monday. This week Latest Sale highlights luxury homes for less from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Luxury Business Directory. Our favourite from this week an 8 bedroom mansion for $365,000. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, the eight bedroom, seven bathroom…