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How to create a Photography Business, Latest Sale Week 02102017

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Photography Business Directory with advice on how to create a robust photography business. One of the greatest challenges the photography industry faces as a whole is the wider availability of images thanks to a plethora of online resources and the difficulty photographers have in protecting the distribution of these images from those online resources. Photographers need to decide whether they wish to place their photographs with various image bank libraries and catalogues for a fraction of the true value of the image. This will entail clear categorization; images that have unique value and can be sold on an exclusive basis for premium charges for specific usage (global usage, exclusive or historic buildings for example). Other images may be…

How to choose a Wedding Photographer, Latest Sale Week 07082017

This week Latest Sale covers Wedding Photography for the luxury Business Directory. Bridal photography is such a personal and important aspect of a wedding with the bride and groom often embroiled in long discussions as to which photographer to choose and possibly the theme the wedding shoots should honour. The key to successful wedding photography is to shoot the intimate moments of the ceremony as well as the surrounding locations. These locations may well include the rehearsal dinner, wedding preparation activity, the wedding venue and guests as well as the Church and grounds or the wedding cake. With this in mind attention to detail is imperative such as the placement of the wedding gown train, flowers, lighting in specific areas that communicate a relaxed, subtle…

Sony World Photography Awards 2017, Latest Sale Week 12062017

This week Latest Sale covers the Martin Parr exhibition that took place between the 21st April 2017 and the 7th May 2017 as part of the Sony World Photography Awards 2017. The Latest Sale, Photography Business Directory highlights photographic wonders and we are pleased that this year, The Sony World Photography Awards that took place in Somerset House, London celebrated its tenth year in operation. Shortlisted from a total of 66 countries, with a focus on the best single photographers, the 10 Open category winners for the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 were as follows: Architecture – Tim Cornbill (UK) Culture – Jianguo Gong (China) Enhanced – Lise Johansson (Denmark) Motion – Camilo Diaz (Colombia) Nature – Hiroshi Tanita (Japan) Portraits – Alexander Vinogradov (Russia) Still Life – Sergey Dibtsev (Russia) Street…

Photography, The Rhine, Andreas Gursky, Latest Sale Week 31102016

This week Latest Sale uncovers Photography for the luxury Business Directory. We focus on some of the most expensive photography of all time and explain why. German visual artist Andreas Gursky is behind the 1999 enigmatic piece Rhein II. The 2011 print was auctioned for $4.3 million (then £2.7m), and was recorded at that time as the most expensive photograph to ever be sold. The Rhein II photograph, the second in the series of six depicts the River Rhine as it flows in between bright green fields, with the cloudy skyline in view. Although the original image was famously manipulated to create the photograhic piece as it, Gursky justified this decision by declaring, “Paradoxically, this view of the river Rhine cannot be obtained in situ, a…

Marvel at Mohammad Reza Domini Ganji Photos, Latest Sale Week 29082015

Latest Sale continues to report on the latest trends in Photography as part of our Luxury Business Directory news. This week, Latest Sale uncovers a series of outstanding photography by Mohammad Reza Domini Ganji. The Eram Garden is an historic Persian garden in Shiraz, southern Iran. Here you can see a beautiful shot of the garden in panoramic view using 3 fisheye lenses. Displaying the sunset at Sheikh Mousa further highlights what can only be described as spectacular photography wherein Mohammad Reza Domini Ganji captures the sunset from the heights of Sheikh Mousa. Further photography from Mohammad Reza Domini Ganji offer viewers a panoramic view of the Bafgh desert at night. This panoramic view is achieved through four stitched fisheye lens shots. Mohammad Reza Domini Ganji…

The Best Features of a £700,000 Photograph, Latest Sale Week 27072015

Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory, Photography category (#businessdirectoryphotography) and discusses what it takes to create a photograph worth £700,000. Dovima with the Elephants is an infamous fashion photograph taken in Paris by fashion photographer Richard Avedon (#richardavedon) in August 1955. The photograph showcases Christian Dior’s (#christiandior1955) latest collection during that time. Avedon used one of Vogue’s highest paid models – Dovima to captivate the classic style of Christian Dior fashion. The dramatic juxtaposition between the model’s grace and the brutish power of the elephant was achieved by the symmetry between the elephants and Dovima. A Latest Sale, Business Directory highlight, Dovima and Christian Dior can only be described as a classic in the making.   Image courtesy of: collections.vam.ac.uk      

Latest Sale Week 25052015, The Pond – Moonlight for £1.67 million

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the Business Directory. This week we focus on Photography. The Pond – Moonlight , a pictorialist photograph made by Edward Steichen (#EdwardSteichen) was taken in Mamoroneck, Westchester County in 1904. Its selling price has broken the world record for a photograph when it was sold for more than £1.67 million at a two-day Sotheby’s Sale in New York. The photograph, #ThePondMoonlight features a forest across a pond, with part of the moon appearing over the horizon within the gap of the trees.  Only three prints of this photograph are known to exist, and as a result of the hand-layering of the gums, each is unique. Two were held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New…

Latest Sale Week 09032015, Thomas Struth’s Pantheon, Rome for £650,000

Latest Sale continues to report fabulous finds from the Business Directory. This week we focus on Photography. Thomas Struth’s Pantheon, Rome was sold to an art dealer in 2007 for more than £650,000 ($1,000,000). Thomas Struth’s Pantheon, Rome is well-known for capturing the enormity of this ancient temple that was eventually converted into a church. Struth presents a group of captivated tourists embraced by the sophistication and beauty of the Pantheon as it gives the impression of devouring them with its magnitude. The presence of the small group of tourists in the middle of the ancient structure conveys a sense of quietude of the building’s religious mood.

Latest Sale Week 05012015, Peter Lik’s Phantom for £5 Million

Latest Sale continues to report fabulous finds from the Business Directory. This week we focus on Photography. Peter Lik has made world history by selling the most expensive photograph ever. Priced at £5 million, his masterpiece, Phantom is the world’s most expensive photograph ever sold. The Phantom photograph is shot in a subterranean cavern in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. According to Lik, one of his favourite places to shoot is in the Southwestern region of the United States where he is drawn to Arizona’s Antelope Canyon – a slot canyon that is carved out by the natural flowing water that served the canyon millions of years ago. This is where this masterpiece took its course – a cloudy beam of light shining into the canyon that…

Modern Art: Photobook #2 – Conditions by Andres Marroquin Winkleman

Latest Sale focuses on Photography for the Business Directory, highlighting work by Andres Marroquin Winkleman. Thought as one of the best kept secrets of 2010 the Conditions Photobook #2 publishing world, the book enjoys the following specification; Hardcover, Left & Right Binding 128 pages, 56 full colour plates 26 cm x 21cm (10.2 inches × 8.2 inches) Offset printed Edition size: 300 The Photobook is the first project entitled “Conditions” of which we hope will be the first of many from German publisher Meier und Müller whose focus transcends the depths of the everyday lives of men and women. Photographer Andres Marroquin Winkleman’s impressive first published work has been edited by Photographer Adam Bartos, Conditions is a tightly compact presentation of works with a refreshing outlook and…

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